Are You Book Smart, Street Smart, Or Web Smart?

Some of us are book smart, others street smart. Then there are those lucky few who are simply web smart. Are you book smart, street smart, or web smart? Where exactly is your intelligence the strongest? Let us lead you in the right direction. This quiz may just change the way you view yourself forever!

Question 1/10
What kind of learner were you while in school?

Question 2/10
What do you do when your car breaks down?
Open up the hood.
Call a tow truck.
Google "what to do when your car breaks down?"

Question 3/10
How can you tell if someone is secretly feeling upset?
By their voice.
By their eyes.
By their body language.

Question 4/10
What is the first thing you do when you leave your house?
Make sure I have my keys.
Make sure the door is locked.
Make sure my phone is charged.

Question 5/10
What do you do when you can't find your wallet after 24 hours?
Cancel all my cards.
Keep hoping it turns up.
Start posting about it on social media.

Question 6/10
If you could become super intelligent in one of these school subjects, which one would you choose?

Question 7/10
The first thing you do when you meet someone new is?
Ask around about them.
Do a full Google search.
Let things happen naturally.

Question 8/10
Knowledge comes from many different places. Where does it come from for you?

Question 9/10
If you were lost, your first instinct would be to...
Ask for directions.
Look for landmarks.
Bring up the GPS.

Question 10/10
If you were interviewing someone for a job, which of the following would matter the most to you?
Their references.
Their academic history.
Their overall personality.
You're book smart! You're a quick learner who can easily pick up on information and clues found in books. While you're great at applying what you learned, you're not always keen on thinking outside of the box or being abstract. You know what you know and it's typically based on what you've learned in a book or at school. The world needs book smart people like you!

Book Smart
You're street smart! While you may not be one for reading books or studying, you know how to behave and act out in the real world. From staying safe from harm to getting your own way, you know how to handle yourself in every situation that arises. A go-getter who thinks on their feet, there's no stopping you!

Street Smart
You're web smart! Some people know what they read in books. Others take what they've learned on the streets. You're a bit of all three in that you're web smart. You're well read and love to learn new facts and information. You're also socially savvy, knowing how to promote yourself and interact with others. You can find anything and anyone you want to online. Your web savvy is a modern marvel!

Web Smart