Can We Guess What Your Significant Other Loves Most About You?

Your significant other obviously loves you, but what do they love the most about your personality? Dying to find out? Answer these quiz questions as truthfully as possible and you can reveal the truth. Ready? Start the quiz!

Question 1/10
What makes a person great?
Their integrity
Their kindness
Their ability to listen
Their intellect
Their courage

Question 2/10
What do you see in this ink blot?
A butterfly
A skull
A face
Tree bark

Question 3/10
Fill in the blanks: I am most proud of.....
Being myself.
Standing up for what's right.
Working hard.
My artistic talent.
My sense of humor.

Question 4/10
Which place makes you feel right at home?
The beach
A quaint cafe
The bar
My couch
My office

Question 5/10
People always say....
I'll do anything for anyone.
I'm a step ahead of the game.
I'm a trendsetter.
I'm too smart for my own good.
I'm a class clown.

Question 6/10
What did you get your SO for your last birthday?
A silly humorous gift
Something sentimental
Concert tickets
Something techy

Question 7/10
How do you feel about your significant other's parents?
I love them!
They stress me out.
They're okay in small doses.
We co-exist on holidays.

Question 8/10
What do you want to do for your anniversary?
A nice dinner out
A weekend getaway
Something fun and spontaneous
A quiet night in

Question 9/10
Your SO forget something important you told them. You...
Storm out
Gently remind them
Have a passive aggressive argument
Laugh it off

Question 10/10
What do you think you do best in your relationship?
Make them happy
Encourage adventure
Conflict resolution
Take care of the house
Your significant other loves your positive attitude! In a world full of lots of gloom and negativity, your significant other loves that you've always got a smile on your face and a positive spin on what's going on. You can always find the humor in life and tend to look on the bright side, even when it feels like the sun is hidden well behind the clouds!

Your Positive Attitude
Your significant other absolutely loves your laugh! Your partner can't help but beam like the Rockefeller Christmas tree every time they hear you chuckle. Your infectious laugh and positive energy can light up any room you're in.

Your Laugh
Your significant other loves your compassion! In a world that can use more kindness and empathy, you are a true example of how to live each and every day. Your partner is always in awe of just how kind, caring, and selfless you truly are.

Your Compassion
Your partner loves your mind! Bright, creative, clever, and logical. You have a unique mind that can adapt to any situation or environment. You love to learn, try new things, and challenge yourself to be better. No wonder your significant other loves you so much.

Your Mind
Your partner loves your voice! Soft yet strong, sexy yet raspy, your voice can instantly make your partner feel a true sense of calm. When you speak, your significant other can't help but be all ears.

Your Voice