Are You Too Argumentative?

Might you be a bit too argumentative for your own good? With 10 simple questions, we can reveal exactly how argumentative you actually are. Don't argue these results, they're set in stone!

Question 1/10
Be honest, what's the point of an argument?
To win.
To make your point heard.
To find a compromise.
There is no point.

Question 2/10
Which career sounds most appealing to you?

Question 3/10
When you're in an argument, what do you look like?
Red in the face and sweaty.
Awkward with big flailing gestures.
Like myself, just a bit flustered.

Question 4/10
When does an argument tend to end?
Once I win.
Once a solution has been reached.
Once we both get tired of fighting.

Question 5/10
Your friend uses a word wrong while telling a story. Do you correct them?
Of course, they need to know!
Probably, but only if we were alone.
Nope, who cares?

Question 6/10
Growing up, who did you argue with the most?
My parents
My siblings
My classmates
No one, I was pretty shy.

Question 7/10
A colleague is late to work again. Do you tell the boss?
Obviously, they shouldn't be late all the time.
Maybe, it depends on which colleague it is.
Nope, it's none of my business.

Question 8/10
What do you talk about on social media?
Current events
None of these

Question 9/10
If someone uses incorrect grammar in a text message, do you point it out?
Yes, I always correct grammar.
Maybe, it depends on how wrong it was.
Nope, it is what it is.

Question 10/10
Could you be friends with someone who has different political or moral views than you?
Yes, it's no problem!
Nope, no way.
Maybe, it depends.
Based on the results of this quiz, you're way too argumentative! Let's face it, you love to battle it out with others. You'll argue over anything and everything, so long as you get the last word and feel like you've won. Whether it's arguing about politics or the best potato chip flavor, you've got an opinion and you want it to be the only one.

You're Way Too Argumentative!
Based on the results of this quiz, you're a bit too argumentative! When someone disagrees with you or doesn't see eye to eye, you just can't help but get into an argument and fight for what you believe in. Whether it's the right way to wash a car or which political party is best, you love to debate, argue, and get in the last word!

You're A Bit Too Argumentative!
Based on the results of this quiz, you're not quite argumentative enough! While you'll argue when in a disagreement or heated moment, you're definitely not one to pick a fight. You choose your battles carefully and try to tread lightly when it comes to hurting other people's feelings. While arguing isn't the answer, you should always stand up for what you believe is right!

You're Not Argumentative Enough!
Based on the results of this quiz, you are not argumentative at all! You hate conflict and tend to avoid it all costs. You're not one to pick a fight with others and you certainly don't love to debate the people you love. You aren't an arguer by nature, instead you're more of a mediator or peacemaker!

You're Not Argumentative At All!