Are You Rock, Paper, Or Scissors?

In the game of rock, paper, scissors, some moves trump them all! Do you know which you're more like? It's time to find out! Take this 10 question quiz and discover if you're more rock, paper, or scissors!

Question 1/10
How would you describe your sense of humor?
Very mainstream- people always get my jokes.
Pretty dark- not everyone gets or likes my humor.
Sarcastic- my jokes often catch people off guard.

Question 2/10
If you were a tyrant, you would rule through:

Question 3/10
What kind of fight do you most enjoy watching?
Political debates
Reality show smackdowns

Question 4/10
People are always saying you should:
Lighten up
Act my age
Be more daring

Question 5/10
What do you believe is your worst quality?
Being indecisive
Being impatient
Being too unpredictable

Question 6/10
Choose a superpower:
X-Ray vision

Question 7/10
What board game are you most likely to win?

Question 8/10
What kind of intelligence do you have?

Question 9/10
You find it very annoying when people:
Don't use turn signals
Cut in line

Question 10/10
If you were an animal, you'd be a:
You're rock through and through! You're a solid and dependable person who never waivers when it comes to making a decision. You know who you are, what you want, and how to make every dream a reality. With confidence and gusto, you tackle every challenge life throws your way.

You're Rock
You're most like paper! You're an artistic and free spirited individual who doesn't like to plan too far in advance. You live to go with the flow and take life as it comes your way. With a strong sense of self and a deep love of creative living, you're all about growing, changing, and being the best version of you that you can be.

You're Paper
You're most like scissors! You're witty, intelligent, and totally confident. You never waiver in your principles and love to challenge yourself to try new things. Though you tend to think with logic rather than emotion, you're not opposed to seeing things from someone else's perspective and adjusting your world view accordingly.

You're Scissors