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How Stereotypical Are You?

Everyone is a stereotype in one way or another, but which stereotype are you? Ready to find out? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out just how stereotypical you actually are!

Question 1/10
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Do you like to read?
As often as I can!
On occasion.
Is the power out and it's my only option?
Never, I hate reading!

Question 2/10
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Are you spontaneous?
Yes, I live for adventure.
Nope, I prefer a routine or plan.
Have I been drinking?

Question 3/10
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Would you sacrifice yourself for others?
Yes, I always put others first.
Sometimes, but only if I'm friends with them.
Nope, it's all about me!

Question 4/10
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Do you prefer a rainy cloudy day to a warm sunny one?

Question 5/10
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Do you screen your phone calls before answering?

Question 6/10
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Do you metaphorically play with fire?

Question 7/10
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Do you enjoy pumpkin spice lattes?
It's my favorite part of autumn!
No, they're sugary and gross.
Sometimes, but not very often.
I'll take plain old coffee.

Question 8/10
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Are you a vegan or vegetarian?
I tried it once, but it wasn't for me.

Question 9/10
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Do you speak French?
Yes, how did you know?
Nope, just English.
I speak other languages, but not French.

Question 10/10
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Can you be arrogant or boastful?
Only when I accomplish something.
Yes, I'm proud of who I am!
Sometimes, but not always.

Stereotypical Introvert
You're a stereotypical introvert! Go out on the town? Who on earth would want to do that!? While you love your close friends and family, social engagements tend to make you feel drained of energy. You'd much rather stay in with a good book or your favorite shows. After all, there's no better company than you!

Stereotypical Extrovert
You're a stereotypical extrovert! You love to go out on the town and be on the go. Being the center of attention is truly what makes you feel alive. Whether it's telling a bombastic story or simply hanging out with your friends, you crave human interaction whenever possible. Who wants to be alone? Not you!

Stereotypical Nerd
You're a stereotypical nerd! If it's outside the box or a little weird, you're on it! You live for video games, board games, super hero films, and even a good Disney film. You're not ashamed to like the things you like or simply embrace childhood whims. If you're having fun, that's all that matters!

Stereotypical Jock
You're a stereotypical jock! You love to be athletic, work out, and keep yourself in great shape. When you're not working on you own fitness, you love to watch sports and hang out with your best friends. Whether it's football and wings or strength training and the gym, you're all about being your best at every turn.

Stereotypical Artist
You're the stereotypical artist! You truly embrace and lead a creative life. Not only do you love to surround yourself with like minded people, but you can always see the beauty in everything. You're open minded, artistic, and always looking to expand your creative bounds.

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