What Would You Die For?

We'd all die for something, even if we're not always wiling to admit it. Do you think you know what you would die for? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

What word best describes your outlook on life?
I'm optimistic
I'm pessimistic
I believe life is futile
I see life as a miracle
I see life as an adventure

Question 2/10

If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you would do?
Quit my job
Call my family
Buy a house/car
Pay off debt
Meet with a financial advisor

Question 3/10

Which of these statements best describes you?
I always tell the truth
I always stand up for what I bleieve in
I wear my heart on my sleeve
I adore my pets
Dream big, work hard

Question 4/10

How close are you with your family?
Very close
Somewhat close
I'm close with certain members
We're not close at all

Question 5/10

What would you change about the way your parents raised you?
Absolutely nothing
I'd ask them to be more compassionate
I'd ask them to spoil me less
I'd wish they would've let me get away with more

Question 6/10

When a friend or loved one is having a tough day, how do you handle it?
I call them to cheer them up
I show up with pizza and ice cream
I take them out for dinner
Listen intently and give them support
Half listen while texting

Question 7/10

Where do you feel the most comfortable day to day?
At home
At work
In nature
Anywhere my family is
At church

Question 8/10

If your house was on your fire and you could only grab one object, which would you choose?
Family photos
A sentimental trinket
My laptop/tablet
The blanket my Grandma made me
My pets

Question 9/10

Which charity are you most likely to support?
American Cancer Society
St. Judes
Amnesty International
The Nature Conservancy

Question 10/10

Do you carry any regrets with you?
A few
I regret nothing
You would die for your family! At the end of the day, nothing is more important to you than your family. You would do anything to keep them safe and protect them from the outside world, even if it meant giving up your own life. Their happiness is your happiness.

My Family

You would give up your life to save a stranger! You're a true hero. If you saw a person in danger or in need, you would step in to save them even if you knew it could put you in harms way. You truly value the lives of others and would do anything to help keep a fellow man safe.

To Save A Stranger

You would die for your significant other! Your soulmate is your everything. Without them, you'd feel lost, alone, and a bit disconnected from the outside world. If you were a put in the position to give up your life so your lover could live, you'd do it in a heartbeat.

My Significant Other

You would die for your beliefs! Your beliefs are everything to you. They are the foundation upon which you have built your entire life. If anyone were to harm you or hurt you because of what you believe, you would stand up for what you believe in and go down with dignity.

My Beliefs

You would die for your pets! Your pets are truly your family. You treat them like your children and view them as an important part of your existence. The love you feel for them is infinite and unconditional. You would gladly die for you pets!

My Pets