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Find Your Secret Saint Angel!

There are many patron saints to protect your friends and family. Which one is protecting you?


Question 1/10
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When it comes to sports...
I love to play!
I love to watch!
I keep up with scores.
I hope nobody gets injured.
I take little interest.

Question 2/10
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How do you feel about gossip?
Gossip is simply counterproductive.
Gossip causes problems in relationships.
Gossip must be investigated to learn the truth.
Gossip is informative and interesting.
Gossip hurts.

Question 3/10
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If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
At the gym.
With my loved ones.
Traveling somewhere exotic.
Hanging out with friends.
Volunteering at a soup kitchen.

Question 4/10
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What is your favorite holiday?
Valentine's Day
St Patrick's Day

Question 5/10
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How many states have you been to?
5 or more

Question 6/10
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What is your preferred form of travel?
Walking or Bike Riding
Bus or Train
Car or Motorcycle

Question 7/10
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What are friends really for?
Helping each other in difficult times.
Having fun!
Having companions.
Telling secrets.
Emotional support.

Question 8/10
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Choose a Disney character.
Jiminy Cricket

Question 9/10
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Choose a song.
Seven Nation Army
Truly Madly Deeply
Runaway Train
Rumor Has It
Lean On Me

Question 10/10
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Choose a symbol.

Saint Sebastian
Your secret saint angel is Saint Sebastian! Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes and soldiers because he was a strong and powerful soldier who spread the word of God with speed. Just like Saint Sebastian, nothing can keep you down. He was so strong that arrows failed to kill him. He defended the persecuted and was ultimately a martyr for his faith.

Saint Valentine
Your secret saint angel is Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine is the patron saint of love, friendship, couples, and youth! He became a martyr for marrying Christian couples, and restored the vision of his jailer's blind daughter. You believe in the power of kindness, love, and passion.

Saint Raphael
Your secret saint angel is Saint Raphael! Saint Raphael is the patron saint of travelers and one of the seven archangels. Saint Raphael helps people through difficult transitions and encourages happy meetings on the road. You enjoy traveling and finding new positive experiences.

Saint Gabriel
Your secret saint angel is Saint Gabriel! Saint Gabriel is the patron saint of communication. It was Saint Gabriel, an archangel, who came to announce prophecies and important births, including the births of Jesus and John the Baptist. You understand the value of communication and sharing information.

Saint Brigid
You secret saint angel is Saint Brigid! Saint Brigid is the patron saint of charity and compassion. She was an Abbess at the first Convent in Ireland and she founded a double monastery. Saint Brigid was best known for her deep spirituality and kindness to those in need. You are someone who cares deeply, with a big heart, and willingness to give.

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