Will You Survive The Next Ice Age?

One day the next ice age will arrive, putting humanity at dire risk! Do you have mind and spirit to survive the next ice age? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover the truth. Ready? Start the quiz!

Question 1/10

Where do you get most of your information from?
The internet
The news
My friends and family

Question 2/10

Do you believe that climate change is real?
Of course, there's evidence!
Possibly, but the jury is still out.
Nope, it's all made up.

Question 3/10

How many layers of clothing should you wear in extremely cold temperatures?

Question 4/10

Where will you head once the ice age happens?
To the desert
To the beaches
To the mountains

Question 5/10

In cold temperatures is it more important to wear mittens or gloves?
Whatever you have.

Question 6/10

Be honest, could you kill an animal for food?
Of course, I hunt all the time!
Possibly, but it'd be hard at first.
Nope, I could never kill an animal.

Question 7/10

Given that you are not the only survive, would you prefer to travel in a group or by yourself?
In a group
By myself
It depends on the situation

Question 8/10

How would you successfully start a fire in the ice age?
Pack fire starters and matches.
Rub two sticks together.
Bring a torch lighter.

Question 9/10

Clean water is important. How would you keep your supplies in check?
I'd boil snow and ice.
I'd search for bottled water.
I'd drink directly from unfrozen springs.
Water purification tabs.

Question 10/10

Could you tend to your own wounds with ease?
Of course, I'm not squeamish.
If I had to I could do it.
Nope, I hate stuff like that.
Congratulations, you will survive the next ice age! Unlike much of the population, you're totally prepared for the next ice age. You've got the knowledge, the personality, and tenacity to make it through whatever mother earth throws your way. You know how to procure food, find clean water, and build a truly killer shelter. It won't be easy, but if anyone can make it through this world ending event, it's probably you.

You Will Survive!

You will possibly survive the next ice age! It's obvious that you've got the brains and the resiliency to make a good go of it during the ice age. It wouldn't be easy, but you'd figure out ways to find food, get clean water, and stay warm. You'd miss your family and friends, but you wouldn't be afraid of going it alone if it means helping to keep humanity alive!

You Will Possibly Survive!

Sadly, you will not survive the next ice age! Worry not, it's going to stink, you might not even want to survive! You've never been much of a wilderness expert and you're not very well stocked on survival supplies. You tend to lean on others for support and feel a bit unsure of yourself when left to your own devices. While you've go the knowledge and the compassion, you don't have the resiliency or independence!

You Will Not Survive!