Which Word Perfectly Describes Your Life?

Sometimes the perfect word can sum up an entire life. Do you know which word perfectly describes your life? Take these 10 questions and discover the perfect word for your life!

Question 1/10

What do other people often want to do to you?
Comfort me
Mother me
Hug me
Talk to me
Listen to me

Question 2/10

Nothing can stop you from...
Achieving my dreams
Living life to the fullest
Exploring my options
Being successful
Living luxuriously

Question 3/10

Which of the following can you see yourself doing?
Traveling alone in a foreign country
Chatting up a mysterious stranger
Volunteering at an animal shelter
Giving advice to others
Being the life of the party

Question 4/10

What were you voted in high school?
Most likely to succeed
Most likely to be famous
Most likely to travel the world
Class clown
Class flirt

Question 5/10

Which of the following is most important in your life?
A solid career
Love and relationships

Question 6/10

How do you stay calm in tense situations?
I remind myself that it's not forever
I focus on the positive aspects of my life
I chat with a friend or loved one
I treat myself to something nice
I distract myself with work

Question 7/10

Which sounds like the most fun right now?
A nice glass of wine
Watching a sunset on the beach
A nice dinner
A shopping spree
A weekend getaway

Question 8/10

When do you feel the happiest?
When I'm by myself
When I'm in the company of others
When I'm helping people

Question 9/10

How adventurous is your style?
Very adventurous
Somewhat adventurous
Not adventurous at all

Question 10/10

How do you feel when it snows?
Calm and peaceful
Anxious and stir crazy
I don't really feel any different
The word that perfectly describes your life is exciting! Since the beginning, you've lead a life full of excitement. You haven't spent one moment feeling as if your life hasn't been lived to the fullest. From travel and adventure to family and friends, your life is far from boring.


The word that best describes your life is adventurous! You've lead an adventurous life full of risk and change. Not only have you never feared the unknown, but you've embraced every challenge to the best of your ability.


The word that can be used to describe your life is mysterious! Your life has never been cut and dry. There have been moments of utter confusion and moments of awe. So many of the events in your life are simply inexplicable.


The word that best describes your life is abundant! You've always had more than enough to go around in terms of love, money, culture, and friendship. Not only have you never truly wanted in those ways, but when you've had too much, you've always given to those in need.


The word that best describes your life is productive! Your life runs like a well oiled machine. You work tirelessly to provide for yourself and those you love most. Your ambition is your greatest and most impressive quality.