Which Reality Show Should You Compete On?

Ever dreamed of having those 15 minutes of fame? There's no easier way than by competing on a reality show! Which reality show should you compete on? Are you truly destined for bigger and better things? Let's find out!

Question 1/10

Do you have a unique skill?
Describe unique?

Question 2/10

What is your most valuable skill or attribute?
My beauty
My musical talent
My creativity
My instincts
My common sense

Question 3/10

How competitive are you?
I am very competitive.
I'm competitive, but a graceful loser.
I'm focused on doing my best, not winning.
I'll do anything to win.
Eh, whatever happens, happens.

Question 4/10

How important is it for you to become famous?
Very important, it's my number one goal.
It's important, having a bit of fame would be nice.
I couldn't care less.
Eh, I'm fine with being an average guy/gal.

Question 5/10

When you daydream, it's almost always about...
Finding the one.
Having lots of money.
Traveling the world.
Doing a job that I love.
Making something spectacular.

Question 6/10

Be honest, is it difficult to make you cry?
Nope, not at all.
I cry at the drop of a hat.
I rarely cry.
I'm not much of a crier to be honest.

Question 7/10

What word describes you best?

Question 8/10

Which emoji do you use the most?
Tears of joy
Rolling eyes
Kissing face
Wine glass
Devil face

Question 9/10

How much does your family's opinion mean to you?
It means everything, my family is life.
It matters, but it's not everything.
I don't care what my family thinks.

Question 10/10

Pick a drink:
Water with lemon
Protein shake
Iced tea
Grab your microphone and get ready to impress those judges, because you should compete on American Idol! Since the time you were young, people likely complimented you on your singing ability and charisma. Yet, life seemed to always get in the way of opportunity. With your drive and talent, this show could just propel you to the top!

American Idol

Get ready to put on your finest sparkly dress or tuxedo and deal with a bit of friendly competition! You're always on the look out for love, but more than that, you're always on the look out for a bit of fame and attention! What could be better than possibly getting two for the price of one? Would you survive until the final rose? We sure think so!

The Bachelor

Grab your apron and get ready for the ultimate baking challenge. To you, baking has always been a way to blow off steam, be a bit creative, and make something special. Natural talent and ambition is hard to come by, yet you seem to ooze baking prowess!

The Great British Bake Off

What truly matters to you in life? Is it fame and a bit of rebellion? We though so! You'd thrive on a show like Big Brother. Clever and diabolical with just the right amount of charm to woo your opponents. Not only would you make it till the end, but you would become a fan favorite and get your 15 minutes in the reality show spotlight.

Big Brother

Creative, outside the box, and totally ambitious. To you, competing on a reality show isn't so much about winning the final prize, but honing in on your skills and earning a bit of recognition for your talents. You've always been someone with a great mind for fashion, why not put your talents to the test!

Project Runway