What Is Your Weekend Personality?

If you live for the weekends, odds are you have a weekend personality! Do you know who you become as soon as the weekend rolls around? It's time to find out! Take this personality quiz and find out!

Question 1/10

What do you do to get rid of stress?
I exercise
I socialize
I watch TV
I read a book
I have a drink

Question 2/10

What’s your favorite way to waste time?
Reading a book
Doing a crossword
Binge watching TV
Hanging out on YouTube
People watching

Question 3/10

If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would you choose?
A tiger
A kangaroo
A penguin
A raccoon
A Koala

Question 4/10

Are you a very organized person?
I'm an extremely organized person
I'm somewhat organized
I'm moderately organized
I'm not organized at all

Question 5/10

Who or what in life brings you the most joy?
My kids
My significant other
My pet
My job
My friends

Question 6/10

For you, a perfect Saturday would be spent....
Browsing a farmer's market
Hosting a barbecue
Not having to run any errands
Visiting with family
Traveling to a new city

Question 7/10

In your opinion, Sunday mornings are for....
Sleeping in
A boozy brunch
Going to church
Quiet time with family
Catching up on work

Question 8/10

What is your guilty pleasure?
Gossip magazines
Reality TV
Drinking after work
Taking really long showers
Eating fast food

Question 9/10

What is the best room in your house?
The kitchen
The living room
The sun porch
The family room
The master suite

Question 10/10

What’s the best thing to do on a cold winter day?
Play board games
Go sledding
Cozy up by the fire
Take a trip to the ski lodge
Marathon a good show
You're a weekend warrior! You don't just like to sit around idle your thumbs on the weekends, you like to get stuff done! Whether it's tackling a DIY project, painting a room, or even putting together your child's Halloween costume, you're all about using your weekend's to accomplish some really killer projects.

The Weekend Warrior

Your weekend personality is, the soccer mom! For the most part, your weekends revolve around your kids and their activities. Sure, sitting on the sidelines of a soccer game isn't always thrilling, but supporting your kids is your number one priority. When you're not racing around from game to game, your making beautiful memories with your family!

The Soccer Mom

Your weekend personality is the party animal! You work hard all week, why would you waste your weekends running errands or doing boring projects? You use every weekend as an opportunity to cut loose and have a good time. Whether you're hosting a movie night or hitting up a house party, you love to live every weekend to the fullest!

The Party Animal

On the weekends, you're all about resting and recuperating from the week before. You work hard all week, why would you spend your weekends running around like a chicken with your head cut off? Instead of planning every aspect of your weekend, you take things slow and easy, taking time to rest, recuperate, and simply just be.

The Rest And Recuperate

Your weekend personality is the travel bug! You don't like to waste your weekends doing the same old things or going to the same tired places. Instead, you go on weekend getaways, using your precious weekend time as a chance to escape everyday life and get outside of your comfort zone.

The Travel Bug