Which Meme Says What You Are Thinking?

Question 1/10

You are late for work. What are you thinking of?
A good excuse.
Maybe the boss is late too.
I'll make up for it by leaving early.
All good days start late.
This is still too early.

Question 2/10

Someone in your friend zone proposes to you. What are you thinking?
Not cool.
Is this a prank?
This happens too often.
That is so flattering!
Yes! I mean, wait - no, I just got caught up in the moment.

Question 3/10

You trip over a crack in the sidewalk, and think....
At least I tripped gracefully.
Am I sober?
Walking is hard.
Didn't face plant! Win for me!
Everyone's looking - I should face plant.

Question 4/10

Who would you rather spend more time with?
Uncomplicated People
Cool Popular People
Supportive People
Optimistic People
Educated People

Question 5/10

Your friends might describe you as...

Question 6/10

You spend more time feeling....
Cautiously Optimistic

Question 7/10

How accurate are online quizzes?
Always accurate.
Usually accurate.
Sometimes accurate.
Rarely accurate.
Never accurate.

Question 8/10

Some people like to give a lot of advice. How do you feel about that?
I'm one of them.
They mean well.
I just ignore it.
It often helps.
I find it confusing.

Question 9/10

Life would be so much easier if.....
If the answers were clear.
If I could control it.
If today can be a good one.
If people laughed more.
If people would listen.

Question 10/10

You win a few million dollars in the lottery and your first thought is....
I'm dreaming, right?
I knew it would happen.
Party time!
Taxes will take most of it.
Fry usually says what you are thinking. He appears in memes that question his understanding of the situation. Sometimes, you are not sure if you should laugh or be offended; if you've had too much coffee or not enough; or if someone is asking a serious question or being sarcastic. Maybe you're not sure if this quiz is accurate. The world is a confusing place. Fry gets you.


The Most Interesting Man in the World usually says what you're thinking. You don't always look for Waldo, but when you do, you find him. You don't always share memes, but when you do, people like them. The Most Interesting Man in the World doesn't always say what you're thinking, but when he does, he says it in a cooler voice.

Most Interesting Man In The World

The Success Baby usually says what you're thinking. Life isn't always smooth, so when things go right you relish that feeling of success and achievement. When you manage to remember everything on the grocery list you left at home, Success! When you eat your spaghetti without staining your shirt, Success! Slipped on the ice, but didn't fall? Success Baby knows how you feel.

Success Baby

Boromir usually says what you're thinking. You understand that one does not simply walk into Mordor, get off of the internet, or eat one potato chip. Occasionally, one does not simply remember what one was about to say. It is certain that one does not simply stop sharing memes. Boromir understands the complexity of life.


The Minions usually say what you're thinking. Minions can relate to your weird sense of humor, your loyalty to your best friends, and the shock you feel when you get trolled by your Grandma. Minions are filled with great advice and enthusiasm; and they know you were born to be awesome, not perfect. You are special (not crazy), and you can tell by their faces that the Minions get it.


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