Which Holiday Relative Are You?

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Are you typically on time for Christmas dinner?
I'm usually late
I'm usually right on time
I typically arrive a few hours early

Question 2/10

Do you believe it's important to bring a gift for the host/hostess?
Of course it's proper etiquette
No way they're just family
It depends on my mood

Question 3/10

What do you bring to Christmas dinner?
A side dish
My new boyfriend or girlfriend

Question 4/10

What are you doing pre-dinner?
Sneaking food
Opening the wine
Entertaining the family
Taking photos

Question 5/10

Do you ever help in the kitchen?
No way

Question 6/10

Where do you sit at the table?
At the head
In the middle
At the kid's table

Question 7/10

What do you talk about at dinner?
Nothing in particular
My problems
Old memories

Question 8/10

If a relative brings a new significant other,what do you do?
Tell embarrassing stories about them
Hit on the new significant other
Welcome them
Ignore them

Question 9/10

What can you be found doing post dinner?
Hoarding leftovers
Helping clean up
Attempting to leave

Question 10/10

Which holiday movie is your favorite?
Home Alone
Christmas Vacation
A Christmas Story
The Santa Clause
You're the holiday relative that comes for the food and ends up taking most of the food with them! That's right, you're a classic leftover hoarder. Not only do you snatch up all the leftover food, but you always hit up the leftover booze as well.

The Leftover Hoarder

You're the relative who always stirs the pot and creates drama at the dinner table! The worst part: you do it on purpose. Admit it, you love to get everyone at the dinner table all riled up and then sit back and enjoy the show.

The Rabble Rouser

You're the relative that brings the party, but also has too much to drink. You love your booze at the holiday table, there's no doubt about it. While your drinking habits may be funny, make sure they don't get messy too!

The Drinker

You're the relative that loves to take photos! Not only are you grabbing everyone for a selfie, but you're photo journaling the whole darn holiday. Don't worry, we think everyone will thank you someday!

The Photo Addict

At Christmas, you're the relative that needs to be the center of attention. Whether you're making the whole table laugh or captivating others with your charming stories; you love it when the holiday spotlight shines on you!

The Center Of Attention

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Whether we admit it or not, every relative holds a role during the holiday season. Do you know which holiday relative you are? Take these 10 questions and find out!