Could You Survive A Week In The 1500’s?

A time machine has taken you back to the 1500's Europe. Do you have what it takes to survive a week here? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
You get back to the 1500's. You need to blend in. How do you dress?
Fancy, like a royal
Average, like a merchant
Poorly, like a servant

Question 2/10
What kind of place will you try to stay?
In a castle/at a royal court
In an inn
I would camp in the woods

Question 3/10
What's your basic plan for your week?
Stay in the background and not to draw attention to myself
Try to get on the good side of royalty
Try to steal what will later be valuable artifacts

Question 4/10
Will you make your own food?
No, I will buy premade food
No, I will eat with wealthy people
Yes, I will make my own

Question 5/10
A royal has their eye on you in a romantic way, but they are married. What do you do?
I don't pursue a romantic relationship with them
I do pursue a romantic relationship
I don't know what I would do

Question 6/10
Someone notices that you have been acting a little diferently from everyone else. What do you do?
I tell them that I am a time traveler
I try to talk my way out of it
I ignore them entirely

Question 7/10
How often will you bathe?
Every day
Every other day
Less than every other day

Question 8/10
You hear of a plague spreading into town. What do you do?
Try to help others
Shut myself away from others
Flee the town

Question 9/10
If you could take back one object to the present, what would you grab?
Money or jewels
A recipe

Question 10/10
You run out of money. What do you do to get more?
Take on a job in a shop or inn
Work odd jobs
Steal more money
You would not only survive in the 1500' would thrive! You would get in with the right people. Your life would be so good that you might even want to stay for more than a week!

Yes, You Would Survive And Thrive
You would survive for a week in the 1500's. You have picked most everything right on this least right enough to survive for a week. Of course, you might not want to stay longer than that...but that doesn't matter. You made it!

You Would Survive
You would survive, but you would have trouble doing so. it is likely that you would get sick or get in trouble. It is not like that you would live much longer than a week in the 1500's, though.

You Would Survive... Barely
You would not survive for a week in the 1500's, as it would be likely that you would get sick and die. There were not vaccines back then, and there was always a threat of a plague. It's best that you don't go in a time machine...

You Would Not Survive (Illness)
You would not survive for a week in the 1500's. You seem to have a knack for getting into trouble, and trouble in the 1500's tended to have tougher consequences than it does today. try to stay out of trouble in the present as well.

You Would Not Survive (Execution)