What Does Your Hygiene Say About You?

Hygiene can speak volumes about what kind of person you really are! Ever wondered what your hygiene says about you? Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal the truth! Ready? To the quiz!

Question 1/10

How often do you shower?
Every single day.
More than once a day.
Every couple of days.
Once a week.
When I start to stink.

Question 2/10

Have you ever rinsed off in the shower after taking a bath?
No way, that's a waste of water!
Who has time for that?
Yes, it's the only way to feel really clean!
Only if I have some time.

Question 3/10

What do you use to get clean in the shower?
My soapy hands.
A loofah.
A wash cloth.
It depends on the day.

Question 4/10

Do you wash your hair first or last?
It varies

Question 5/10

What kind of toothbrush do you have?
An electric toothbrush
A pulsing toothbrush
A regular tooth brush
A natural wooden brush

Question 6/10

How often do you shave?
Every two days
Once a week
When I look like a mountain person

Question 7/10

How often do you wash your bath towel?
I use a new towel everytime.
After 2 or 3 uses.
Every two weeks.

Question 8/10

How often do you use deodorant?
Never, it's full of chemicals!
Every day.
When I know I'll be active.
When I remember.

Question 9/10

How often do you brush your teeth?
After every meal.
Twice a day.
Once a day.
When I remember.

Question 10/10

Do you floss?
Your hygiene habits revealed that you're a bit of a free spirit! You would have done great on a 1960's hippie commune or leading the pack in a flower power movement. For you, it's all about going au naturale. You don't feel the need to shower daily, use toxic deodorants, or spend thousands of dollars on skincare. You let nature do it's thing and embrace your own natural musk!

You're A Free Spirit!

Your hygiene habits revealed that you're a bit type A! You're a total planner who likes everything to be done in a certain way. You're organized and love to know what each minute of the day entails. You have a rigid hygiene routine and you never miss a step! Showers are daily and often. You take care of yourself like only a type A person really can. It's clear your never lazy when it comes to hygiene!

You're A Bit Type A!

Your hygiene habits revealed that you're often pressed for time! You're almost always busy and on the go. Not only do you take care of everyone and everything, but you tend to have very little free time. Because of your ambition and drive, hygiene often takes a back seat to other things! Sure, you love a good shower, but you love getting things done more!

You're Pressed For Time!

Your hygiene habits revealed that you're pretty laid back! You enjoy taking life at a slow easy pace. You don't worry about much and tend to go with the flow. For you, hygiene shouldn't be something to stress over, but something else to help you relax. You love an indulgent bath or a nice spa like routine.

You're Pretty Laid Back!