Which Fairy Tale Was Written About You?

Question 1/10

Which magical power would you rather have?
Granting Wishes
Reading Minds

Question 2/10

Who is your favorite Dr. Seuss character?
The Grinch
The Lorax
Cindy Lou Who

Question 3/10

How would your story begin?
Once upon a time, there lived in a certain village...
There once lived a poor tailor...
There once was a very rich merchant...
It was so glorious out in the country...
Once upon a time, in a faraway land...

Question 4/10

How would you define 'Happily Ever After'?
Falling in love for life.
Finding peace and contentment.
Being successful in your ambitions.
Winning the lottery.

Question 5/10

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?
Not usually.
All the time.

Question 6/10

What color would you rather wear in your story?

Question 7/10

Which line are you more likely to find somewhere in the middle of your story?
With each dawn, she awoke with new hope.
He fell in love with her at first sight.
It will all work out in time.
It is only with the heart that one can see clearly.
You go this way and I'll go that way.

Question 8/10

What is the motif of your fairy tale?
Overcoming Obstacles
Growing Wiser

Question 9/10

Who are you more likely to fall in love with?
Someone charming.
Someone who gets you.
Someone honest.

Question 10/10

What upsets you more?
Being used.
Being unappreciated.
Being misunderstood.
Being deceived.
The fairy tale that was written about you is Aladdin. You may be the poor boy who changed his life circumstances with magic and determination, or you may be the royal princess who opened her heart to the magic of love. Either way, you can relate to the tale of Aladdin because it's all about you.


The fairy tale that was written about you is Beauty and the Beast. You may be the monster who transformed into the kind person through the power of love or the beauty who learned to love someone for what is on the inside. In any event, you can relate to Beauty and the Beast because it is all about you.

Beauty and the Beast

The fairy tale that was written about you is Cinderella. You are someone who had a rough childhood, experienced losses and hardship, but grew up to live happily ever after. You never gave up and you can relate to Cinderella because it is all about you.


The fairy tale that was written about you is The Ugly Duckling. You are someone who struggled to find your place in life. You transformed into someone who truly recognizes your worth. You found your place in life and you relate to The Ugly Duckling because it is all about you.

The Ugly Duckling

The fairy tale that was written about you is Little Red Riding Hood. You are a person with a quick mind and a kind heart. You have been deceived in the past, but you were able to see through the lies and ultimately came out on top. You can relate to Little Red Writing Hood because it is all about you.

Little Red Riding Hood

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