Which Disney Family Are You And Your Family?

Do you know which Disney family is most like your family? It's time to discover exactly which Disney family you relate to the most! Embark on this quiz and discover which Disney family is really like yours!

Question 1/10

Where would you most like to go on a family vacation?
A sandy beach in Hawaii
A mountain lodge
To an ancient city
To a national park
To Disney World

Question 2/10

How does your family kill time on a road trip?
The license plate game
Family sing along
Watching movies on an iPad
The alphabet game
20 questions

Question 3/10

How would your kids likely describe you in one word?

Question 4/10

What's the most important thing you could pass onto your kids?
Good looks
Strong values
Ambition to succeed
Kindness and compassion
A sense of humor

Question 5/10

Where does your family pet sleep?
In their own bed
In my bed
In the living room
I don't know exactly

Question 6/10

Does your family eat dinner together?
We eat together every night
We eat together most nights
We eat together if there's time
We rarely eat together

Question 7/10

How are disagreements typically solved in your household?
Rock, paper, scissors
Lots of shouting
Empty threats
A family meeting
It depends

Question 8/10

Would you ever take your kids to the grocery store with you?
I always take my kids to the grocery store with me
I often take them with me
I never take them with me

Question 9/10

What do you value most in your family?
One another
Time together
Having fun

Question 10/10

Who does most of the cooking in your family?
Me or my spouse
Typically only me
My kids
Our live in chef
The Disney family you and your family are most like is The Parrs from "The Incredibles!" You're a family that sticks together though thick and thin. When situations arise that call for camaraderie and teamwork, your family always jumps into action.

The Parrs From The Incredibles

The Disney family that your family is most like is The Robinsons from "Meet the Robinsons!" You're a tech savvy family with a love of inventing and tinkering. In fact, one of you can almost always be found working on some kind of project or craft!

The Robinsons From Meet The Robinsons

The Disney family that your family is most like is Donald Duck and his nephews! Much like this family, you guys have a tendency to squabble and butt heads. While you may disagree from time to time, you couldn't love one another more.

Donald And His Nephews

The Disney family that your family is most like is Roger and Anita from "Lady and the Tramp!" Yours is a family that is warm, tolerant, and compassionate. You never judge others and try to preach good morals to your children.

Roger And Anita From Lady And The Tramp

The Disney family that you're most like is Max and Goofy! Much like this dynamic duo, you and your kids are as close as can be. Not only do you do everything together, but you support one another in every situation. That's family love at its finest!

Max And Goofy