Which Animal Is Like You?

From time to time, we all like to imagine what animal is most like us. Do you think you know which animal is your personality counterpart? Take these 10 questions and see just which animal you really are!

Question 1/10

How big are you physically?
Small and petite
Average size
Above average size
Big and cuddly

Question 2/10

Do you make compromises easily or do you tend to put up a fight?
I'm strong willed and assertive
I easily make compromises
I tend to get steam rolled
I fight for what I want

Question 3/10

How much time do you spend with friends and family?
I tend to spend a lot of time with my family but not my friends
I tend to spend a lot of time with my friends but not my family
I try to make time for friends and family
I tend to spend most of my time alone

Question 4/10

Do others comment on your attractiveness often?
I tend to get a lot of compliments
I hear nice things from time to time
I don't need compliments, I know how great I am!

Question 5/10

How dependable and trustworthy are you?
I'm as dependable and trustworthy as they come
I'm mostly reliable and trustworthy
I can be a bit flaky but for the most part I'm dependable
I have issues with following through and keeping promises

Question 6/10

How would you rate your level of intelligence?
I'm practically a genius
Above average
Slightly below average

Question 7/10

Are you athletic and motivated or a bit of a couch potato?
Athletic and motivated
I have athletic tendencies
I can get up and down from the couch like nobody's business
Why would anyone ever want to leave the couch?

Question 8/10

Do most things come easily to you or is life a bit of a struggle?
Things mostly come easy to me
I typically have to fight for what I want
It's a mixed bag

Question 9/10

Do you always need to be busy or on the go?
I always need to be busy or I go crazy
I like to be on the go and doing something as much as possible
I like to stop and smell the roses
I take life at a slow relaxed pace

Question 10/10

If you see a bully picking on someone, what do you do?
I intervene and alleviate the situation
I attempt to mediate but don't get overly involved
I stand by on the sidelines mentally urging someone to do something
I tend to take a backseat to conflict
The animal you're most like is a dolphin! Intelligent, gentle, and humorous; you share several qualities with this amazing mammal. Much like the dolphin, you value intrinsic things such as love, family, and the pursuit of learning. You don't tend to chase fleeting moments or objects. You always do what's right and what feels good morally.


The animal you're most like is an elephant! Has anyone ever commented on your ability to remember just about everything? We thought so! Much like this amazing animal, you have the strong ability to recall just about anything. Because of this, you often feel nostalgic for the past or moments that have gone by.


The animal you're most like is a rabbit! Go, go, go! That's your motto. Your to do list is eight miles long and you never stop until it's done. You're full of boundless energy, enthusiasm, and an impressive drive to get things done. We get the feeling you've been compared to the Energizer Bunny on more than one occasion.


The animal you're most like is a fox! Sly, cunning, and incredibly bright; you can outwit and outsmart just about anyone. You use your powers of manipulation for good instead of evil, and you can always produce a humorous witty aside in a matter of seconds. Your friends value you for your unique personality and inherent sense of dry humor.


The animal you're most like is a giraffe! You're as gentle and graceful as they come! Even in high pressure moments, you keep your composure and dignity. You never let the world see you sweat, or even worse crumble because of stress. Friends love you for your charm, wit, and inherent charisma.