Which Canadian Province Best Fits Your Manners?

Canadians are known for being nicer than most, in fact, they are often polite with a capital "P!" With that said, which Canadian province best fits your manners? Things that are perfectly acceptable in one part of the country may be pretty distasteful in the next. Let's find out where you really belong!

Question 1/10

A friend helps you move. How do you repay them?
I take them out to dinner.
I bake them some cookies.
I give them a pat on the back.
I send a thank you note.
I buy them a six pack of beer.

Question 2/10

You're in the elevator when you see a mom with a stroller asking you to hold the door. What do you do?
Hold the door, obviously.
Step out and hold the door to make room.
Let whatever happens, happen.
Hit the close door button.

Question 3/10

Are you quick to help someone in need?
I try to be.
Not if I'm busy with something else.
When the mood strikes.

Question 4/10

When someone gives you a gift, do you return the favor?
Yes, always.
I try very hard to.
When it's appropriate.
I'll make them something nice.
No, never.

Question 5/10

If someone spilled coffee on your notebook, how would you react?
I would tell them it's okay and buy them a new coffee.
I'd tell them not to worry about it and clean it up myself.
I'd be angry, but I wouldn't tell them.
I would be angry and a bit abrupt.
I'd apologize to them for being there.

Question 6/10

Would you rather give or receive?
Giving is the best feeling.
I like to give, but receiving is nice too!
I like to receive, but I enjoy giving.
Receiving is where it's at!

Question 7/10

Which of the following do you think is disrespectful?
Texting while speaking to someone.
Being late.
Interrupting someone.
Not saying please and thank you.
Not tipping appropriately.

Question 8/10

If you find a closed door, and you're unsure of whether or not someone is inside, what would you do?
I would knock and ask if someone were inside.
I would ask if anyone was inside.
I would just knock and leave.
I would open the door.

Question 9/10

Would you go out of your way to do something nice for another person?
Definitely, it makes me feel good!
If I had the time and money.
It depends on the day.
For sure, I love doing that!

Question 10/10

How often do you say sorry?
Several times a day.
Pretty often.
Only when I have to.
When I have something to be sorry for.
The Canadian province that best suits your manners is Ontario! Sure, you're forward thinking and open minded, but your manners are decidedly traditional. Despite everything, you still believe in minding your p's and q's. You strive to do right by others, help when you can, and always show a bit of kindness to everyone you meet.


The Canadian province that best fits your manners is New Brunswick! Let's face it- you are just about as polite and well mannered as they come. You believe that manners make the world a better place, which is why you always do your part to be kind and cordial to all you meet. While some may accuse you of being "too nice" or a "pushover," we think you're just what the world needs!

British Columbia

The Canadian province that best fits your manners is Quebec! While you may be pretty progressive in some ways, your manners are totally old school. You haven't abandoned what means to go the extra mile or show someone a bit of kindness on a dreary day. You always say please and thank you, minding your manners as you go.


The Canadian province that best fits your manners is New Brunswick! Much like the folks who call this province home, you've always got a smile on your face and a bit of glee in your heart. Polite as anyone can be, you'll always hold the door open an extra beat, let others cut in line, and show a bit of kindness to all you meet.

New Brunswick

The Canadian province that best suits your manners is Nova Scotia! Though you can be quite shy and introverted, often avoiding small talk, you still do your part to be polite. Much like the folks who call this province home, you're an authentic and grounded soul who knows when to be polite and when to show a bit of strength!

Nova Scotia