Which Grade Would You Give Yourself On The Subject Of “Life?”

If you were to grade your life thus far, which grade would you give yourself? Do you believe you've earned high marks or do you have a bit more work to do? Let's find out!

Question 1/10

How often do you work out?
Me, workout? Not a chance.
I work out everyday
I try to squeeze in a workout every other day
I don't do formal exercise
I workout every few weeks

Question 2/10

What's your life outside of work like?
I don't have a life outside of work
It's pretty boring, I mostly worry about work.
It's rich and full of adventure!
It's pretty normal and easy going

Question 3/10

What is the state of your home/apartment like right now?
It's pretty chaotic to be honest
It's a little messy but nothing serious
It's tidy wth a bit of clutter
It's super clean

Question 4/10

Are you comfortable with taking risks?
Could the risk kill me? Then no.
It depends on the type of risk
I'm willing to take most risks
I'll try anything once
I live life without fear

Question 5/10

Do you work better alone or in a busy environment?
I work better alone
I work better in a busy environment
It depends on the day

Question 6/10

How's your love life?
It's on fire!
It's pretty amazing at the moment
It's a little complicated
It's nonexistent

Question 7/10

What do your biggest regrets relate to?
Chances I didn't take
Missed opportunities
I don't have any regrets

Question 8/10

What’s more important to you – having a career or a family?
Having a career
Having a family
I'm going to focus one one and then the other
They're both equally important
I'm not sure where I stand just yet

Question 9/10

Do you take responsibility for your mistakes?

Question 10/10

How many books have you read in the past three months?
Three or more
On the subject of life, you would give yourself a big old A+. In your opinion, you've done everything right. Not only have you taken risks, followed your dreams, and lived from a place of morality; but you feel connected to this life in a way few people do.


The grade you would give yourself on the subject of life is a B+. Though you've lived a rich life full of amazing experiences and memories, there are a few things you wish you could do differently. Remember, it's never too late to begin again!


Based on the results of this quiz, you would give your life a grade of C! It's not that your life is bad, you simply don't feel fulfilled with your current day to day existence. Remember, life is short! Take risks, love fully, and embrace everything that gets thrown your way. It's never too late to create the kind of life you've always dreamed of.


You would give yourself a grade of D in life thus far! Why the low mark? You simply don't feel you've done everything you wanted to do in life just yet. Fear not, there's no time limit as to when you must do x, y, or z. Take life at your own pace and embrace each new day.


You would give yourself a score of F in life thus far! Let's not confuse this letter with failure, because you have not failed. Maybe some things in life didn't work out how you thought they would, but that doesn't mean your life isn't a rousing success. Learn from your past and present. Work towards a future you can be proud of. It's all up to you now!