Which 1960s Event Do You Identify With?

The 1960s was a time of radical change and upheaval. Do you know which 1960s event do you identify with the most? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

How often do you post your political feelings on Facebook?
Almost daily
Every now and then
I never post my politics online
I don't use Facebook

Question 2/10

In your opinion war is ___________.
Everything that's wrong in the world
A necessary evil
Brutal and ugly

Question 3/10

How do you feel about progress?
It's absolutely necessary
It can lead to negative changes
It's inevitable

Question 4/10

What can you be found doing on a warm summer night?
Star gazing
Drinking a beer and listening to music
Reading a good book
Kicking back in a hammock

Question 5/10

What type of environment can make you feel a bit uneasy?
Urban environments
Rural environments
Woodland environments
Suburban environments

Question 6/10

Are you confrontational?
I can be very confrontational
I avoid confrontation like the plague
It depends on the situation

Question 7/10

Which scent can always calm you down?
Salt water

Question 8/10

Which American holiday do you most enjoy celebrating?
The Fourth of July
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Veterans Day

Question 9/10

In high school, you were voted ___________.
Most likely to succeed
Best dressed
Most artistic
Most musical
Most likely to become president

Question 10/10

Which of these qualities is your biggest strength?
My charisma
My humility
My creativity
My intelligence
My compassion
The 1960s event that you identify with the most is the moon landing! Not only was the moon landing a giant step towards progress, but it captured your attention as a kid. It's one of the first news stories that you remember truly caring about. To infinity and beyond!

The Moon Landing

The 1960s event that you identify with the most is Woodstock! The Woodstock music festival is one of the most iconic events of all time. Not only do you identify with the sentiments of peace and love put forth at the festival, but music is truly your first passion!


The 1960s event that you identify with the most is the Kennedy assassination. As a truly patriotic person who respects what government represents and can do, you've always felt a bit saddened by the death of President Kennedy. This event truly rings out your sense of empathy and compassion.

The Kennedy Assassination

The 1960s event that you identify with the most is the rise of Haight Asbury and the hippy movement! You'll always have a soft spot for this San Francisco neighborhood and everything that it came to represent. As a mellow person who loves unity, this was truly a movement you could get behind.

Haight Ashbury

The 1960's event that you most identify with is the Beatle's appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Not only are you a true music lover, but you recognize that this event changed the face of music forever. You'll always love America's response to the fab four and the British invasion.

The Beatles On Ed Sullivan