Where Should You Airbnb Next?

Do you know where you should book an Airbnb for your next vacation? It's time to find out! Embark on this travel savvy quiz and discover where you'll rest your head on your next big vacay!

Question 1/10

It's date night, were do you want to go?
Dinner and a movie
A nature hike
A fancy restaurant
A wine tasting
A gallery opening

Question 2/10

Which word best describes you?

Question 3/10

What's your favorite outdoor activity?
Laying out
Day drinking

Question 4/10

What does your ideal vacation involve?
Eating new foods
Meeting new people
Visiting historic landmarks
Relaxing and doing nothing
Being in nature

Question 5/10

Are you an indoor or outdoor person?
I'm an indoor person
I'm an outdoor person
It varies

Question 6/10

How do you feel about crowds?
I can't stand them
I don't mind them
I can handle them in short bursts
I love being surrounded by new people

Question 7/10

How do you feel about cold weather?
I love it
I hate it
I'm indifferent

Question 8/10

How do you plan your vacation?
I make a schedule for everyday
I let life unfold as it may
I ask other people for advice
I plan one big thing for each day

Question 9/10

What do you like to do on a Friday night?
Go out with friends
Catch up on a TV show
Take a long leisurely stroll
Learn something new
Drink my worries away

Question 10/10

How likely is it that you will step outside of your comfort zone?
Very likely
Very unlikely
Somewhat likely
The next place you should Airbnb is a treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia! It's time to step outside of your comfort zone and spend some time taking in the great outdoors. You're an adventurous soul who craves a break in your routine. Spending some time in an actual treehouse could be just the ticket!

A Treehouse In Atlanta, Georgia

Your next Airbnb should be a lake house in Tahoe, California! Are you ready to treat yourself to some rest and relaxation? We thought so! Sitting on the beach of this beautiful lake and taking in nature could be just the ticket when it comes to restoring your soul!

A Lake House In Tahoe, California

Your next Airbnb should at a charming house in Charleston, South Carolina! You're a traditional person who truly loves history and exploring places with boundless charm. Renting a house in this Southern city would give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the South of the past.

A Charming House In Charleston, South Carolina

Your next Airbnb should be a desert casita in Palm Springs, California! Get that bathing suit ready and pack some sunscreen, your headed to beautiful palm springs. You work harder than most, which means you deserve some time resting, relaxing, and taking in life like a celebrity would.

A Desert Casita In Palm Springs, California

Your next Airbnb should be a beach bungalow in Hawaii! You work hard and often give more to others than you do to yourself. You're selfless, kind, and compassionate. We think you deserve a vacation that is the epitome of rest and relaxation. A beachside bungalow in Hawaii is truly just the ticket!

A Beach Bungalow In Hawaii