What Is Your Biggest Mental Strength?

We all have mental strengths and mental weaknesses! Do you know what your greatest mental strength truly is? It might not be what you think! Take these 10 questions and discover your greatest mental strength!

Question 1/10

When you think about what you've done in the past and what you hope to do in the future, how do you feel?
I feel good about what I've done so far but I've still got so much to do
I live day by day and take things as they come
I regret some of what I've done in the past but everyone makes mistakes
Despite what happened in the past I'm optimistic for a brighter future

Question 2/10

How do you most like to exercise your brain?
Through painting or drawing
By reading and learning new things
Through meditation and journaling
By exploring new places and topics
By immersing myself in conversations

Question 3/10

What kind of puzzles and games do you like best?
Anything I can play on my phone or tablet
Word games and crosswords
Problem solving games
Board games such as monopoly

Question 4/10

Which healthy breakfast option would you most likely choose?
Greek yogurt
Egg white omelet

Question 5/10

How often do you socialize and spend time with friends?
At least once or twice a week
Every weekend usually
Whenever I've got the time

Question 6/10

What's the last class you took?
I learned a foreign language
I learned computer programming or coding
I took a cooking class
I took a philosophy class
I took an art class

Question 7/10

When was the last time you went an entire night without checking your phone?
That's never happened
I like to power down an hour or two before bed
I like to take one day a weekend to completely cut myself off
I can never be without my phone

Question 8/10

Do you find you have high levels of empathy towards others?
I can always seem to put myself in someone else's shoes
I always try to see life from someone else's point of view
I struggle to understand things I haven't specifically been through
Empathy isn't easy for me

Question 9/10

Which activity makes you feel the most at peace?
Just lounging

Question 10/10

What's your go to morning beverage?
Black tea
Green tea
Orange juice
Your biggest mental strength is creativity! Creativity doesn’t come easily to all people. In fact, some people lack the imagination and mental capacity to produce something out of nothing. Your ability to think of novel and productive ways to conceptualize and do things is truly impressive.


Your greatest mental strength is curiosity! Your inquisitive nature and love of learning, make curiosity your greatest mental strength. You love to explore and discover, delve and learn. You’ll never be bored and you’ll never feel stagnant. Your natural inclination towards discovery will lead you to great things in life!


Your greatest mental strength is open mindedness! So many people have a closed mind set. They don’t want to introduce anything new or different into their lives and immediately dismiss anything outside of the norm. You on the other hand, are extremely open minded and free thinking. You always examine every situation from all sides and perspectives, weighing all accounts fairly.

Open Mindedness

Your greatest mental strength is your love of learning! It’s so important to be a life long learner. Not only does it ward off mental degeneration, but it leads to a richer and fuller life. You never feel lost in the mix or unhip to the times. By constantly learning, you are challenging yourself to be better and do more. You’ll never feel stagnant or bored so long as you seek the unknown.

Love Of Learning

Your greatest mental strength is perspective! Perspective is something to so many people lack. Not you. In fact, your perspective is one of your greatest strengths period. Not only does it allow for total empathy, but it allows you to provide wisdom and counsel to others. You have ways of looking at the world that make sense to you and to other people.