What’s Your Absolute Worst Trait As A Romantic Partner?

We'd all like to think we're the perfect partners, but everyone has a few bad traits that they bring to the mix! Ever wondered what your worst trait is as a romantic partner? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

Which of these is your idea of a good time?
Making money, honey!
Watching hours of TV uninterrupted.
Planning a big trip.
Anything that gets my adrenaline pumping!
Playing video games.

Question 2/10

How long did your longest relationship last?
A week
A few months
A year
Several years

Question 3/10

Which of these would annoy you the most?
Being ignored.
Being bossed around.
Getting screwed out of money.
Being told what to wear.
Driving the speed limit.

Question 4/10

What type of coworker irritates you most?
The suck up.
The gossiper.
The procrastinator.
The bossy one.

Question 5/10

Why did your last relationship end?
We were better off as friends.
We grew apart.
They cheated.
I cheated.
I don't know why.

Question 6/10

What do your romantic partners usually compliment you on?
My patience.
My physical beauty.
My intelligence.
My humor.
My optimism.

Question 7/10

What do you like most about parties?
Being the center of attention.
Relaxing with my friends.
Meeting new people.
I hate parties.

Question 8/10

Would you ever take in a stray animal for a pet?
Only if the animal were easy to take care of.
No way, I only like pure bred animals.
Maybe, it depends on if it's a cat or a dog.
No, I don't like animals.
Of course, I love animals!

Question 9/10

Are your parents still together?
It's complicated.

Question 10/10

Do you usually text people back right away?
I always text them back right away.
I usually wait until I feel like it.
It depends on my mood.
Your worst trait as a romantic partner is being very impatient! Let's face it, patience is not one of your strengths. You tend to get irritated very quickly when things don't happen on your timeline. While this can be great for productivity, it's not always great in a relationship. Let things and people work on their own time. You'll be happier and you'll have a better relationship!

You're Impatient!

Your worst trait as a romantic partner is being very stubborn! You're as stubborn as a mule and always want things to be your way or the highway. You're not one to budge on a point or give into compromise. You like things to be done in your own way and don't always see eye to eye with others. Remember, is being stubborn or right more important than being happy?

You're Stubborn!

Your worst trait as a romantic partner is being unpredictable! Sure, spontaneity and adventure can make a relationship great, but being too unpredictable all the time can leave your partner scratching their head in confusion. Not knowing what to expect of you or your behavior can be frustrating! Remember, you expect certain things of people, they expect the same of you!

You're Unpredictable!

Your worst trait as a romantic partner is being very closed off! You build walls to keep people out instead of letting others in. You don't easily spill your guts and you tend to keep all of your feelings buried deep inside. You kind of hate feeling vulnerable and don't trust easily. Remember, if you want a great relationship, you'll have to take a leap of faith!

You're Closed Off!

Your worst trait as a romantic partner is being a bit oversensitive! Sensitivity and compassion are great traits, but don't let every little thing get under your skin. Teasing and fights happen in relationships, but try not to let them crush you or break you down. Take life in great stride and keep a sense of humor. You'll be happier and enjoy better relationships!

You're Over Sensitive!