What Would You Do If You Went Back to 1981?

If you found a time machine and were suddenly transported back to the year 1981, what would you do? Would you do everything you didn't do the first time around? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

How concerned are you with dressing fashionably?
Very concerned
Somewhat concerned
I am totally unconcerned

Question 2/10

Are you often kept up at night thinking about mounting regrets from your past?
Almost every night
On nights when I can't fall asleep
Every now and then
I carry no regrets

Question 3/10

What subject do you enjoy studying the most in school?
Computer science
Home Economics

Question 4/10

If you could assassinate any evil dictator, who would you choose?
Sadam Hussein
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin
I would never assassinate anyone

Question 5/10

Which summer camp activity would you have participated in as a kid?
Friendship bracelets
Soap box racing
Kissing around the campfire
Campfire cooking

Question 6/10

Which girl band do you support?
The Go-Gos
The Bangles

Question 7/10

How often do you immediately regret arguing with someone you love?
It depends on if I think i'm right or not
Every now and then

Question 8/10

As a child, were you awkward or confident?
A little of both
It varied by day

Question 9/10

Do you feel there is something in your past you need to rectify in order to enjoy your present?
How did you know?
There is more than one thing
I don't think so
It depends on the day

Question 10/10

Does it often take you a long time to make decisions?
I'm a terrible decision maker
I would say that's accurate
I think it takes an average amount of time
I'm very quick and decisive
If you went back to 1981, the first thing you would do is invest in the internet and web based companies. In the 80s, you scoffed at the idea of the internet. You simply didn't believe it would ever catch on. Now you're kicking yourself for all of the money and opportunities you missed out on.

Invest in the Internet

If you could go back to 1981, you would be a Michael Jackson groupie! In the 80s, you loved Michael Jackson with a passion, so much so, that your wall was plastered in posters and you owned more than one sequined jacket. If you could go back, you'd take your fan status to the next level by being a groupie!

Become a Michael Jackson Groupie

If you could go back to 1981, you would stock up on colorful pants suits! Okay, while you would never openly admit your love of brightly colored pants suits, you truly love them. Unfortunately, they're a bit more difficult to find now then they were in 1981. If you went back, you would buy as many pants suits as you could get your hands on!

Stock Up On Colorful Pants Suits

If you could go back to 1981, you would eat your weight in Lean Cuisine! Lean Cuisine was first introduced in 1981, unfortunately you weren't immediately on board. Not only would you hoard these delicious TV dinners, but you'd likely invest in the company.

Eat My Weight in Lean Cuisine

If you could go back to 1981 you would woo the one that got away! You missed your first opportunity with the person you believe is the one and now that you've got a second chance, you're not going to ruin it. You'll sweep them off your feet and make sure you lock them down this time around.

Woo The One That Got Away