What Would Trump Tweet About You This Week?

Everyone knows Trump loves to tweet, in fact, it might be his favorite thing! If Donald Trump were to tweet one thing about you this week, what would it be? With just 10 simple quiz questions, you can find out!

Question 1/10

What's your favorite style of decor?
Shabby chic

Question 2/10

You're giving an interview, but you don't like the question you were just asked. What do you do?
Answer it anyway. It's part of the job.
Call out the person interviewing me.
Claim this is a witch hunt.
Ignore it and say whatever I want.

Question 3/10

How important is winning?
Winning doesn't matter so long as you have fun.
It's not winning that matters, it's how you play the game.
Winning is everything. Who wants to be a loser?

Question 4/10

How do you handle your enemies?
With a sense of poise and diplomacy.
Passive aggressive behavior.
Calling them out on social media.
Trying to talk things through.
Confronting them head on.

Question 5/10

When choosing the right partner, what's most important to you?
Looks, they need to be put together always.
Intelligence, I want someone I can talk to.
Compassion, I crave kindness.
Humor, I just want to laugh.

Question 6/10

What cause is most important to you right now?
Protecting the environment
Gun control
Equal rights
Protecting the second amendment

Question 7/10

You're headed to a big event to celebrate. How long does it take to do your hair?
Like two minutes.
5-10 minutes.
30 minutes
Around an hour

Question 8/10

You find yourself giving a speech in front of a huge crowd of 10,000 people. How are you feeling?
Totally confident
Like I may wet myself.

Question 9/10

If you were to to jail, the crime would most likely be....
Lying under oath.
Tax evasion.
Petty theft.
Cyber hacking.
None of these, I'm upstanding.

Question 10/10

What's your favorite body part?
My hands
My feet
My eyes
My ears
Everything, how could I choose?
This week, Trump would tweet about you, "Tremendous, just a great person with a huge amount of loyalty!" Trump is all about loyalty and people who stick to their word. He hates leakers and anyone who goes against his wishes. Luckily, you're a loyal and dependable person who always does exactly what you say.

"Tremendous, Just A Great Person With A Huge Amount Of Loyalty."

This week Trump would tweet about you, "Fake news. Perpetuates big media ideals and lies. So sad." You're an open minded and free spirited person who doesn't let anyone tell you how to think or what to believe. You form your own opinions and always week the truth. Sadly, the president wouldn't see eye to eye with your beliefs!

"Fake News. Perpetuates Big Media Ideals And Lies. So Sad."

This week, Trump would tweet about you, "A true American patriot. The Likes of Which We Rarely See. Tremendous!" You're a proud American who considers yourself to be a true patriot and someone who stands up for the beliefs this country was built upon. You're steadfast in your beliefs and tend to be a bit on the conservative side. Trump would think you're just tremendous!

"A True American Patriot. The Likes Of Which We Rarely See. Tremendous!"

This week, Trump would tweet about you, "You're unconstitutional and you're leading a witch hunt!" You're a creative and outspoken soul who tends to be very open minded. You are well informed and tend to seek the truth rather than just believing everything you're told. Unfortunately, Trump would not see eye to eye with your ideals! Well, can't please everyone!

"You're Unconstitutional And You're Leading A Witch Hunt!"

This week, Trump would tweet about you, "If you were in jail, I'd pardon you. That's how tremendous you are!" You're the type who always seems to be getting into hot water. You just can't help it, you're drawn to drama. Have no fear, the president would gladly pardon you if you ever ran into any true legal trouble. You're on the good graces of this leader!

"If You Were In Jail, I'd Pardon You. That's How Tremendous You Are."