Are You Compatible?

Just how compatible are you with your current partner or crush? Are you ready to find out? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover how compatible you actually are. The truth might just shock you!

Question 1/10
Do you ever question the love in your relationship?
No way

Question 2/10
Does your partner know your most embarrassing moment in life?
Of course, we share everything!
They know a bit about it.
I'd never tell them that!

Question 3/10
It's the last day of vacation and you both want to do different things. What ends up happening?
We compromise and find something we can both do.
We each go our separate ways.
We argue until there's no time left.
We always agree on everything, so this wouldn't happen.

Question 4/10
Do you secretly want to change your partner's style?

Question 5/10
Your partner leaves a pretty bad tip at a restaurant. How do you react?
I add a few more bucks after they've gotten up.
I bring it up in the car.
The service wasn't great, it's not a big deal.
I call them out at the table.
I just shrug it off.

Question 6/10
Do you enjoy spending time doing your own thing?
Of course, it's healthy!
Sometimes, but I prefer to spend time with my partner.
All the time, I need as much space as I can get.
Never, what would I even do?

Question 7/10
Would you ever binge watch a show you know your partner would like without them?
Of course, why should I wait?
No way, we should watch it together!
We never see eye to eye on TV shows.

Question 8/10
Do you support the same sports team?
Neither one of us watch sports.
Of course, we always root for the same team!
Sometimes, but it's not a big deal.
Never, in fact, our teams are rivals!

Question 9/10
Can fighting ever be healthy?

Question 10/10
Your partner made dinner. Should you do anything in return?
No, we take turns cooking.
Yes, I should wash the dishes.
They love to cook, so it's no big deal.
We actually always cook together.
No way, I deserve it.
This quiz revealed that you are 100% compatible with your partner! You and your partner are truly two peas in a pod. Not only do you agree on everything from politics and religion, but you always see eye to eye on what movie to watch, what to eat, and where to travel. You both have similar goals in life and it shows!

You Are 100% Compatible!
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 70% compatible! You and your partner see eye to eye on just about everything in life. Whether it's where to eat dinner or what TV show to binge watch next, you two couldn't be more similar in your likes, dislikes, and wants!

You Are 70% Compatible!
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 50% compatible! You and your partner see eye to eye around half of the time. You have a lot in common, but you also have interests and ideals that are different from the one you love. Luckily, your differences tend to make things more interesting and fun!

You Are 50% Compatible!
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 30% compatible! You and your partner have a lot in common but you also have quite a few differences. You don't always see eye to on eye on several big topics and issues, but you can still always manage to find common ground. Sometimes, opposites truly can attract and make a life together!

You Are 30% Compatible!
Based on the results of this quiz, you and your partner are 10% compatible! At this point, you and your partner don't have very much in common. Not only do you tend to disagree on many big life decisions and choices, but you also argue over little things such as where to eat, what movie to see, and where to go next.

You Are 10% Compatible!