What Type Of Wife Are You?

Yes, even wives come with a multitude of strengths and weaknesses that all add up to a certain type. Do you know what type of wife you are? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

It's 3:00 PM on a Saturday afternoon. Where could we find your husband?
Mowing the lawn
Lounging on the couch
Running errands with me
Catching a flick with me
Taking the kids to soccer

Question 2/10

How do you and your spouse celebrate your wedding anniversary?
We don't typically celebrate our anniversary
We plan a fun weekend getaway
We go on a nice relaxed date
I make reservations and lay out his clothes
If we remember we just stay in and watch movies

Question 3/10

You've got a nasty case of the flu. What happens?
All hell breaks loose because my husband is lost without me
I write my spouse a to-do list
My spouse takes care of me
My spouse keeps the kids out of my hair so I can rest

Question 4/10

Your husband just caught the flu from you. What's your role?
I take care of him
I let him ride it out
I load him up on medicine and let him rest
I make him chicken soup and put his favorite movies on

Question 5/10

How do you say goodbye to your spouse before work?
A hug and a kiss
See you later
I hand him his lunch and the coffee I made him
I'm still in bed when he leaves
We tend to make out at the door

Question 6/10

Do you request that your spouse wear certain things everyday?
Definitely he's clueless without my guidance
Nope he's not a little kids
I make suggestions
Every now and then if I want to see him in something special

Question 7/10

How often do you and your spouse plan a date night?
Every week
Every other week
Once a month
On our anniversary

Question 8/10

You just found a mouse in the kitchen. How do you handle it?
I scream for my spouse to kill it
I take matters into my own hands
I pass out
I buy no kill mouse traps
Refuse to go into the kitchen until it's gone

Question 9/10

What do you typically get your spouse for their birthday?
Something for his hobbies
A shared experience trip
Concert tickets
I make him something special
I don't get him birthday gifts

Question 10/10

Do you and your spouse go to bed at the same time?
Occasionally we'll hit the hay together
We always go to bed together
We rarely go at the same time
He's up watching TV
You are a supportive wife! In your eyes, marriage is all about supporting your spouse through thick and thin. You try to help your spouse in every way possible and always offer a shoulder to lean on when times are tough. Aside from being supportive, you are an amazing listener who provides deep spiritual guidance.

Supportive Wife

You are a social wife! In your eyes, a healthy marriage is based on not just being bound to each other. You are very social and love to attend functions/events with your spouse. On the weekends, you are always on the go. Between running errands and making lunch dates with friends, you leave your spouse home to relax.

Social Wife

You are a security wife! You are very protective of your husband and often can succumb to a bit of jealousy when it comes to other women. You often see other women as a threat and tend to feel a bit insecure. You are devoted to your spouse in every way. You believe that having a strong relationship is the cornerstone of a good life.

Security Wife

You are a good wife! With an amazing sense of humor, easy going personality, and a strong ethical code. You are as good as wives get. Not only are you completely supportive of your spouse, but you expect the same in return. Your confidence, unconditional love, and sense of peace with the world makes you an amazing partner.

Good Wife

You are a patient wife! You know that patience is a virtue within marriage. Not only are you often tasked with taking care of your spouse and children, but you need a sense of patience when it comes to getting what you need in life. You always listen intently, love wholly, and give everything you've got to your family.

Patient Wife