What Type Of Soulmate Is Your Perfect Match?

What type of soulmate would be your perfect match? Would it be someone who suits your sensitive side? Or is it someone who brings out your bold side? Take these 10 questions and find out which type of soulmate is destined for you!

Question 1/10

Finish the sentence: My ideal mate.....
Loves a good party
Is emotionally open
Values logic over emotion
Is a true social butterfly
Loves to have deep conversations

Question 2/10

How important is it for your mate to be religious?
Not important at all
I'd prefer them to be religious
I'm more into spirituality than religion
I just want them to believe in something
I'm an atheist so it doesn't matter at all

Question 3/10

If You're in a committed monogamous relationship, would it be considered cheating to have cyber sex or phone sex with another person?
It's cheating and it's disrespectful
It's definitely cheating
It's not cheating if you've discussed it with your partner
It's a gray area

Question 4/10

Do you need to communicate with your mate daily?
Absolutely I'd miss them
Sure at least through texting or a phone call
It's not super important but it'd be nice
I don't need to talk everyday

Question 5/10

Would you prefer to date someone who is predictable or sponteanous?
Why can't they be a bit of both?

Question 6/10

Do you believe you have the right to forbid your significant other anything?
No way they're their own person
If it's something detrimental
I'm not sure to be honest
It honestly depends on the situation

Question 7/10

How are you most prone to showing a significant other that you care?
Through words
With physical affection
Through gifts
With a gesture
In writing

Question 8/10

Do you believe a woman should work?
Absolutely it's only right
Absolutely not I think the man should provide
Only until she has kids
Yes as long as she's not traveling
I don't know

Question 9/10

Is it okay for your mate to have friends of the opposite sex?
No there's too much confusion and insecurity involved
Only if it's a mutual friend
Yes as long as I've met them
No it's too big of a gray area
I have no opinion

Question 10/10

Finish the sentence: I need a mate who.....
Helps me around the house
Is there for me emotionally
Can keep me laughing
Is never distant or unavailable
Makes me feel safe and protected
Your perfect soulmate is a healer! In your life, you've endured more than your fair share of struggles and hurt. You crave a partner with a gentle compassionate soul. Someone who listens intently, consoles, and is always willing to let you vent.

The Healer

Your perfect soulmate is a "teacher!" When it comes to love, you want a partner that both challenges you and guides you. Your perfect match does both. As a "teaching" type your partner loves to listen, learn, and grow. They are always willing to share wisdom and show patience.

The Teacher

Your perfect soulmate is a provider! Provider types love to take care of those around them. They never want to leave a loved one feeling as if they aren't being cared for or loved. You crave a partner who makes you feel safe, secure, and totally comfortable. A provider will always do just that!

The Provider

Your perfect soulmate is a protector! Protector types are always guiding and worrying. Your safety is as important to them as their own. This type of partner always wants to make sure you feel safe and taken care of. They never leave you in a sketchy situation and will always stand up for you in an adverse situation.

The Protector

Your perfect soulmate is a dynamo! A dynamo is always the life of the party. Their charisma and charm carries them through life effortlessly. Not only are they full of life and energy, but their sense of adventure and confidence is enthralling. You crave a partner who can take care of themselves and take charge.

The Dynamo