What Lesson Should You Learn From Dr. Seuss?

Dr. Seuss is known for writing children's books, but many of his stories have deeper meanings than first meet the eyes. Which lesson should you learn from one of his books? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10

You are at a restaurant. What are you most likely to order?
The usual
The chef's special
Something new, but not much different than what you already know you like

Question 2/10

Do you believe in fate?
I don't know

Question 3/10

Are you in school?
Yes, but I don't like it
Yes, and I like it
No, but I wish I was
No, and I don't want to be

Question 4/10

Do you volunteer?
No, but I want to
No, and I don't see the point of it

Question 5/10

How often do you buy yourself something new?
Every week
Every Month
Less than once a month

Question 6/10

Your friends invite you out. What do you do?
I go
I don't go
I make my decision based on what they want to do

Question 7/10

Do you feel in charge of your own life?
No, my friends/family are in charge
No, my job/school is in charge

Question 8/10

Which of these places would you most like to go?
Movie Theater

Question 9/10

How often do you ask for help?
All of the time
Hardly ever

Question 10/10

Are you happy with your life?
Yes, most of the time
Some of the time
No, not really
In the famous Dr. Seuss story, "Green Eggs and Ham," the main character won't try something new for ages, but when he finally tries it, he loves it. There might be something great out there that you are missing, jus because you are too nervous to try something new. Experiment and do something out of character, meet new people, or even just eat some strange new food. Who knows, you might love it!

Try Something New, You Might Like It

In the story, "Oh the Places You'll Go" the character learns that they can go and do whatever they want, so long as they put their mind to it. You can do this too, all you need to do is get out there, and do what you love. Don't let fate control you, instead, make your own destiny.

You Are The Master Of Your Destiny

In the book, "I Can Read with my Eyes Shut," the charcters learn that they can learn things all of the time, even if they are not actually reading a textbook. You can learn when you are in school or out of school, all you have to do is try. Try new things, go out and explore the world around you, and never stop learning!

Always Keep Learning

In the book, "Horton Hears a Who," one elephant ends up being responible for a whole world, and he ends up saving it, even though others try to stop him. One person can make a big difference. You can make a difference in your own life, and in the lives of others. Volunteering giving blood, and just helping others are all great ways to do this.

One Person Can Make A Difference

In the story, "Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?" children learn that they are lucky, even though it doesn't always seem like it. You are lucky too. Look towards the good things in life instead of focusing on all of the bad things in life. Life can be great, but only if you make it great.

Be Grateful For What You Already Have