What Kind Of Well Traveled Person Are You?

Ever wondered what kind of traveler you really are? Do you have all the makings of a great traveler or could you use some work? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover what kind of well traveled person you really are!

Question 1/10

Are you a city person or do you enjoy being out in nature?
I'm a city person.
I enjoy being out in nature.
I like a mix of both.
It depends on my mood.

Question 2/10

Which cultural activity are you most likely to choose?
Visiting a museum
Going to see a local band
A food tour
A photo tour
A pottery class

Question 3/10

Which physical activity sounds like a good time?
Hiking ancient ruins
I'm not much for this kind of thing.

Question 4/10

When planning a trip, what's the first thing you consider?
Who is coming with me.
How much it's going to cost.
Where I want to go and why.
Where I'm going to stay.
How I'm going to get there.

Question 5/10

What do you believe is the most important foreign phrase to learn?
"Coffee, please!"
"Where's the bathroom?"
"Thank you!"
"Excuse me."

Question 6/10

Which app do you use most on your journey?
Google Maps
Gas Buddy

Question 7/10

Do you check your bags or carry on?
I always try to carry on.
I always check my bags.
I bring a carry on and I check my bags.

Question 8/10

It's raining on day one of your journey. How will you pass the time?
Watch a movie
Hole up at a local pub or bar
Eat your way around the city
Relax and read a book
Go to a museum

Question 9/10

Looking at your past vacations, what did you take the most photos of?
My food
The sights
The landscape
My outfits
Me, myself, and I!

Question 10/10

How long are most of your vacations?
2-3 days
4-5 days
6-7 days
7-10 days
10+ days
You're the frugal traveler! You always have a set budget and seek to experience the world without draining your bank account. You're well versed in doing without and making the most of your trips on a shoe string. Others can't help but marvel at your ingenuity!

The Frugal Traveler

You're the weekend traveler! Rather than taking big long vacations, you're all about the quick weekend getaway. Whether it's just popping into a new city or jet setting to a different state, you're all about those quick getaways that allow you escape without missing too much work!

The Weekend Traveler

You're the "up for anything" traveler! You believe that travel has the capacity to help you grow and change, which is why you never say "no" to a new experience while traveling. When you go someplace new, you're up for anything and everything. Whether it's rock climbing a mountain or eating a scorpion, you never hesitate to embark on an adventure!

The "Up For Anything" Traveler

You're the food fan! When you travel, it's all about the food! You're enthusiastic about trying new dishes, expanding your palette, and genuinely immersing in a different culture. You're a total foodie at heart!

The Food Fan

You're the photographer! For you, a trip is all about making memories through pictures and capturing beautiful moments that will last a lifetime. You just love to line up the perfect shot and show off your beautiful masterpieces on social media to all of your family and friends!

The Photographer