What Kind Of Airline Passenger Are You?

These days, there's a lot of talk about big airlines like United and their passengers. Do you know what kind of airplane passenger you're most like? It's time to find out! Take this quiz and discover just who you are when up in the air!

Question 1/10

When you arrive at the overhead luggage bins, you realize you're on a crazy full flight. What do you do....
Carefully pack my own things while being mindful of others
Shove my bags in as quickly and haphazardly as possible
Help the elderly and those around me to make space for others
Remove others bags to make room for my own
Shove it where it fits and settle in for a long ride

Question 2/10

The plane has taken off and you want to settle in and relax. What do you do?
Ask the person behind you if they mind if you recline a bit
Recline the seat but remain aware of when those behind me may need a tray table
Recline my seat and proceed to take a nap
I'm too nervous too relax, it's time for a drink at this point.

Question 3/10

You're seat mates are pretty chatty, but you just want to be left alone. What do you do?
I indulge in a little light conversation before politely excusing myself
I start venting to them about how nervous I am to be flying
I'm usually asleep before the flight even takes off
Slap on some headphones and pretend I can't hear them
I engage in some awesome conversation with new people

Question 4/10

What are you ordering when the drink trolley comes around?
Just a water or some orange juice
A glass of wine to take the edge off
A double of whiskey
A soda or fruit juice

Question 5/10

Have you ever pressed the flight attendant button on a flight?
I can't recall

Question 6/10

It's lunch time on your flight. What do you do?
Let my row mate finish so they have a bit more room
Tuck in my elbows and take up as little space as possible
I'm just going to have another drink and skip lunch
Take up as much room as I need to be comfortable

Question 7/10

How do you entertain yourself on a long flight?
I read a good book
I watch the in flight entertainment
I try and engage with others
Watch something on my laptop or tablet

Question 8/10

A flight attendant accidentally spills a drink on you. How do you react?
I laugh it off, it was obviously an accident
Demand they make up for it with premium beverages and snacks
Leap to my feet angrily

Question 9/10

Do you ever mock the airline safety videos?
Who doesn't?
No they're important
How many drinks have I had?

Question 10/10

How do you feel about flight with no WI-FI access?
They shouldn't exist
They're not a big deal
They're inconvenient
They're more fun
Based on the results of this quiz, you're an armrest hog! Hey, we can't blame you. Space is limited on an airplane and stretching out is the only way to garner a few feet of personal freedom. Sure, you may be comfy cozy, but your fellow passengers may not agree!

The Armrest Hog

Based on the results of this quiz, you're an easy going passenger! Not only does nothing about flying ruffle your feathers, but your genial nature makes you the ideal row mate for other passengers. Every flight could use a few more people like you!

The Easy Going Passenger

Based on the results of this quiz, you're a drinker on flights! Hey, we get it, flying can be a nerve wracking experience. Few things can calm as quickly as a stiff inflight drink. There's no harm in a little alcohol, just try not to have a few too many for the sake of your fellow passengers!

The Drinker

Based on the results of this quiz, you're a talker when on flights! You're the type of person who loves to talk and get to know everyone around you. As a social butterfly, you can't help but hit up your seat mates for some good in flight conversation. Unfortunately, not everyone's up for an in air friendship.

The Talker

Based on the results of this quiz, you're a classic in flight recliner! Hey, we get it. You just want to be as comfortable on your flight as you are at home. Unfortunately, those behind you don't share the same sentiments. Keep your seat in an upright position and try not to bust any knees on your next flight!

The Recliner