What Is Your Perfect City Based On Your Personality?

Can your personality reveal which city you truly belong in? Do you think you know where you're destined to end up? Take these 10 questions and find out what your perfect city is!

Question 1/10

Do you mind a long cold spell?
A million times yes!
No I like it
It depends on my mood

Question 2/10

Do you feel calmed and relaxed on a rainy day?
I just feel sleepy

Question 3/10

What do you prefer a night at the opera or a night at a local bar?
I'd like a night at the opera
I'd like a night hanging out at the bar
It depends on my mood

Question 4/10

What's your idea of culture?
Museums and art
Lots of different races/ethnicities in a single area
Sports or athletic culture

Question 5/10

Would you rather send your child to public or private school?
I'd send them to private school
I'd send them to public school
It depends on the quality of each

Question 6/10

When do you feel your best?
When I'm learning something new
When I'm really busy
When I've cleared my schedule

Question 7/10

Are you a true nature lover?
I like nature but I'm not in love with it

Question 8/10

Which sound do you find most soothing?
Car horns and traffic
Crashing waves
Chirping crickets or birds

Question 9/10

When it comes to food do you like variety or accessibility?

Question 10/10

What do you value most in life?
Spending time with friends and family
Cultivating my hobbies
Growing a career
The perfect city for you based on your personality is New York, New York! Ah, the Big Apple! It’s a place where just about any dream can come true. As an ambitious person with the drive to reach any goal, you would love the hustle of this big city. If there was ever a place for you to meet the right people, dream big, and make things happen, it’s definitely Manhattan!

New York, NY

The perfect city for you based on your personality is Austin, TX! Friends and family have always described you as a little quirky and eclectic. That’s why this off the wall city would make you feel right at home. Not only is Austin home to an amazing arts and music scene, but it’s full of quirky individuals much like yourself! Given that you’re also a bit of an introvert, you’ll love the welcome nature and kindness of this hospitable city!

Austin, TX

The perfect city for you based on your personality is San Diego, CA! You’ve always been a calm and relaxed person who feels most at home when near the beach. Not only does San Diego totally suit a beach baby like yourself, but Southern California’s inherently relaxed nature will make you feel right at home!

San Diego, CA

The perfect city for you based on your personality is Portland, Oregon! Portland’s official slogan is “Keep Portland weird.” There’s a reason for that! Portland is home to artists, creators, and individuals from every walk of life. This city appreciates anyone who thinks a little bit outside of the box (so long as they like to enjoy a good craft beer on a Friday night). We think this beautiful and artistic city is a perfect fit for you!

Portland, Oregon

The perfect city for you based on your personality is Boston, MA! You’ve always valued education and athletics over everything else, which is why Boston is your perfect home. Not only does this city host several major universities, but Boston values academics, hard work, and athletics! Boston is a fun town that loves to work hard and play hard. After a long week, you’d love kicking back at a Red Sox game and cheering on the home team.

Boston, Massachusetts

The perfect city for you based on your personality is Key West, Florida! As a relaxed person, you need a relaxed environment. You don’t like to take life too seriously or stress about work related issues. In your opinion, feeling content and whole is more important than cashing a big pay check every week. Key West would offer you that relaxed environment along with like-minded folks who think like you!

Key West, Florida

The perfect city for you based on your personality is Virginia Beach, VA! You’re the type of person who craves recreation and options. Virginia Beach will get you out of the house and into doing something fun nearly every weekend of the year. You’ll love visiting the nearby state parks, hanging on the beach, and talking with the relaxed and kind locals who exemplify Southern Hospitality!

Virginia Beach, Virginia