What Should You Dress Up As For Halloween?

For a night full of spooks and fun, what should you dress up as to celebrate the night?

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What's your favorite parts of Halloween?
The tricks
The Treats
Dressing up
The decorations
All of it!
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Question 2/10

What Is Halloween To You?
A fun time with family and friends
A time to find great parties
A time for scary movies, haunted houses and a whole lot of fun
A time to freak people out
I don't know
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Question 3/10

Pick a scary movie to watch on Halloween
Friday the 13th
Nightmare On Elm Street
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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Question 4/10

What will you most likely be doing for Halloween?
Throwing a great party
Trick or treating with the family
Binge watching scary movies
I'm not too sure
Attending all the parties
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Question 5/10

Time to carve a pumpkin! What do you carve?
A classic Jack o lantern
A black cat
Something creative
Some time of wolf
I'm not too sure
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Question 6/10

Do you get easily grossed out at morbid stuff?
Easily grossed out
Not at all
It depends on how much
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Question 7/10

Do you prefer your costume to be scary or sexy?
Scary of course
Sexy actually
I don't really care
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Question 8/10

Do you like buying costumes or making your own?
Buying them
Making my own
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Question 9/10

Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
Something chocolate of course
Something fruity
I don't really have a favorite
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Question 10/10

Favorite part about fall?
Pumpkin spiced everything
That Halloween is in the fall
The cold weather
A classic costume that everyone loves. You can make it simple by painting your face queen and donning a witch hat or you can make it as elaborate as you please.

A Witch

One of the most ferocious creatures, this costume is sure to spook everyone you see. With fur and fangs, you can transform yourself into a fearsome werewolf.

A Werewolf

You should dress up as something that continues to terrify many people beyond Halloween. You can go the silly route by donning a sheet with holes or you can get creative with paint and special effects.

A Ghost

Another beloved classic, this costume is sure to make people who see you cover their necks. There are many ways to create this costume. Just go with what suits you best.

A Vampire

One of the more prettier costumes, this costume is suited for you. You can make your costume pretty and frilly with glitter and wings or you can even go a dark route with black wings and horns.

A Fairy

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