What Is Your Compassion Type?

Compassion is an amazing and revered quality. Do you know which compassion type you are? It's time to find out. Take these 10 questions and find exactly who you are when it comes to compassion.

Question 1/10

When things are going badly for me, I see the difficulties as part of life that everyone goes through. True or false?
I don't know

Question 2/10

When someone in your family experiences something upsetting or discouraging do you make a special point of being kind to them?
I try to go above and beyond
I send them an encouraging text
It depends on the family member

Question 3/10

You just got a huge promotion. As you’re chattering about it with friends, the other person who was up for the job gets on the elevator. You…
Change the subject
Make a bigger point of celebrating your new position
Scale back on your happiness until after they're gone

Question 4/10

Your partner is not only running late after a long terrible day at work. They were supposed to cook you a romantic dinner. What do you do?
Cook them dinner instead
Take a rain check and order take out
Say nothing

Question 5/10

Your friend unexpectedly brings a new friend of theirs along for a group dinner. What do you do?
Try to include them as much as possible
Proceed as usual
It depends on how I feel about them

Question 6/10

On your way to work, you see a homeless person camped out with a sign asking for food or spare change. You....
Give him some change and wish him luck
Buy him some food instead
Apologize but give nothing

Question 7/10

When a friend is in trouble, how do you respond?
Help them in every way possible
Make time for them even if you're busy
Try my best but realize I can't be at their side always

Question 8/10

A neighbor's beloved pet ran away from home. They are clearly distraught. What do you do?
Drive around the neighborhood searching for the dog
Create flyers and put them up around town
Wish them luck and promise to keep an eye out

Question 9/10

A close friend is struggling with depression. They often need someone to stay with them at night. Do you rise to the occasion?
Every now and then
I can't make that work

Question 10/10

Your child confides in you that he is struggling in school because he is being bullied. How do you handle the situation?
I comfort him and offer to help him with schoolwork
I approach the principle and comfort him as best I can
I tell him to toughen up
You have insightful compassion! You are able to use your own experiences to gain insight into the pain and problems of others. Because of your insight, you are easily able to empathize with others and choose the best solution based on what you know works and feels right.

Insightful Compassion

You have perspective compassion! Your compassion is entirely based on your ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes. You have the unique ability to feel what another person is feeling, simply by seeing it from their side. This makes you an amazing confidant and companion.

Perspective Compassion

You possess physical compassion! You are able to physically feel what another person is feeling. Because of this your reaction to the pain of others is also very physical. From giving affection to giving attention, you know that sometimes just "being there" is the best thing you can do for another person.

Physical Compassion

You possess gentle compassion! You have a gentle compassion within you that allows you to easily traverse limitations and truly feel what another person is feeling. Because of this you will often go above and beyond to make others feel better, even if it means putting yourself into a terse situation.

Gentle Compassion

You possess selfless compassion! You are compassionate towards others for no reason other than that you truly want to help them. You don't ever expect a return on your kindness and do absolutely everything from a deep well of love within you.

Selfless Compassion