What Color Is Your Name?

Question 1/10

Are you named after a specific person or place?
I think I am.
Yes, 100%
I'm not sure.
It's a secret.
Nope, totally unique.

Question 2/10

Which of these adjectives matches the personality of your name?

Question 3/10

Is your name a very common name?
Yes, it's practically everywhere.
It's more common than most.
It's around, but not very common.
It's very uncommon.

Question 4/10

Does your name consist of more vowels or consonants?
More vowels
More consonents
An equal mix of both

Question 5/10

How many nicknames do you currently have?
I've lost count.
Just one.
Two or three.
I don't have any.

Question 6/10

Do you have a middle name?
Yes and I love it!
Yes, but I hate it.
No, not that I know of.

Question 7/10

Which one is longer: your first name or last name?
My first name.
My last name.
They're equal.

Question 8/10

Do you know of any celebrities who share your first name?
Yes, I can name several.
There's a few.
Not that I know of.
Maybe I'll be the first one!

Question 9/10

Which of these moral values does your name represent?

Question 10/10

If you were going to get a tattoo of your name, what type of font would you choose?
Slab serif
Your name is marigold yellow! Just as the name implies, you're a happy-go-lucky, charming and positively bursting with energy. You're name reveals that you're a fun and adventurous person who cares deeply for those you love. You often go well out of your way to help a friend in need or simply lend a shoulder to cry on!

Marigold Yelllow

Your name is teddy bear brown! Your name evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, just like a beloved teddy bear from childhood. Your name represents a true authenticity and grounding, a sense of security or protection from harm. You're someone who is true and loyal, a good friend who sees others through thick and thin!

Teddy Bear Brown

Your name is cherry red! Bombastic, energetic and just a little bit tart. Your name represents your fun and creative inner soul, a place that is always bustling with fresh ideas and new ways of doing things. Your name shows that you never like to feel stuck and always want to have a good time!

Cherry Red

Your name is blissful blue! Calm, peaceful and shrouded in bliss, your name represents your deep well of inner chill. You're someone who never sweats the small stuff or lets life's many challenges deter you from your version of happy. Kind, authentic and true, people see you as someone they can always rely upon!

Blissful Blue

Your name is earthy green! Lush, natural and down to earth, your name presents your very grounded nature. A humble soul who is never one to brag or take center stage. You do things for contentment and fulfillment, not praise or success. A true nature lover, your name shows that you're one with the earth and all of it's many creatures!

Earthy Green

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When you are born, you're given a name that should represent both your personality and the deeper meaning of your role on earth. From heritage to personality, behind every name lies a perfect color the represents who you are as a person. What color is your name? You're about to find out!