What Career Suits You Most?

Question 1/10

You would be best described as...

Question 2/10

What is your favorite part of your current career (or school)?
Learning new things
Being creative
Fixing things
Working with people

Question 3/10

What is your least favorite part of your current career (or school)?
Long hours
Working with people
My annoying boss
Needing to be creative

Question 4/10

You have to pick up a new hobby. Which sounds the best for you?
Building model cars
Planting a garden

Question 5/10

Would you rather be creative or stick to the rules?
Follow the rules
A little of both

Question 6/10

Someone gets a cut and starts bleeding! What do you do?
Help them

Question 7/10

Your computer breaks. What do you do?
Fix it myself
Bring it into the shop
Buy a new computer

Question 8/10

How did you feel about school when you were in it?
I hated it
I liked it
I loved it

Question 9/10

How do you feel about getting your hands dirty?
I would rather not
I don't mind
I love it

Question 10/10

Would you rather work in retail, fast food, or do odd jobs?
Fast Food
Odd jobs
You would be best suited if you were a part of a medical career. Your attention to detail and compassion and love for people would make you a great doctor, nurse, or dentist.

Medical Career

Your love the rules, even though you may sometimes think that they don't apply to you. You love to use your mind to solve a problem, and getting your client out of trouble is sure to be a problem you will love to solve.

Law Career

You would be well suited in an education career. Your passion for learning new things is great, and you could use it to inspire others to learn new things as well. You could pick your favorite subject and inspire young people everywhere!

Education Career

You love to do things with yuor hands, but that don't mean that you love to draw or write. Instead, you love to build things and see them come to life in front of you. Whether you love cars, machines, or just fixing broken things, being an engineer would be a great career for you!

Engineer Career

You could love writing or art, but what really matters is that you don't love bosses or strict schedules. As a freelancer, you could set your own hours, be your own boss, and pick your own work. Of course, you also need to provide your own motivation to get working. It's worth it and it would be a great career for you!

Freelance Career

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