How Will You Celebrate Your 75th Birthday?

Making it to age 75 is truly a big deal! Do you know how you would celebrate the big day? Take these 10 questions and discover how you would celebrate your 75th birthday!

Question 1/10
Do you typically like to celebrate your birthday in a big way?

Question 2/10
Are you a social butterfly?
I'm definitely a social butterfly
I can be social but I prefer time to myself
I'm very shy and timid

Question 3/10
How many children do you have?
1 or 2
3 or 4
5 or 6
I don't have any kids

Question 4/10
What's your life motto?
"Attitude is everything."
"Live everyday to the fullest."
"Family first."
"Passion is everything"
"Friends are the family you get to choose."

Question 5/10
How would you describe your personal style in one word?

Question 6/10
What motivates you to do your best?
My friends and family
My ambition to succeed
My attitude and outlook
Personal fulfillment and contentment

Question 7/10
Do you hit the dance floor at weddings and parties?
That's where I spend the entire night!
After a few drinks I'm always busting a move!
I love to dance but only if others do it first.
I'm not much for dancing.
I enjoy a nice slow dance.

Question 8/10
Who do you typically shop for?
My friends
My family
My pets
It's a mix

Question 9/10
What makes you feel most pampered?
Taking a nice long bath
Time to myself
A spa weekend
Treating myself to a new outfit
A truly delicious meal

Question 10/10
Which social media outlet do you use most often?
Based on the results of this quiz, you're going to spend your 75th birthday by jumping out of an airplane! In your years on earth, you've learned that life is all about taking chances and embracing challenge. Jumping out of an airplane and seeing the world from above would be the perfect way to spend your birthday!

By Jumping Out Of Airplane
You're going to spend your 75th birthday by taking a cross country motorcycle trek! You're not one to let old age slow you down. In fact, you're going to seize your 75th birthday as an opportunity to see the country and remember all of the reasons why life is so beautiful.

By Taking A Cross Country Motorcycle Trek
You're going to spend your 75th birthday the old fashioned way with a big birthday party! It's obvious that you value tradition, family, and friends above all else. After all, they're the things that have made life so spectacular to begin with.

With A Big Party
You're going to spend your 75th birthday party by snorkeling in the Caribbean! You've seen your fair share of the US, now you want to spend your 75th in a warm and tropical area exploring the seas. What a great way to usher in a new year of your already amazing life!

Snorkeling In The Caribbean
You're going to spend your 75th birthday by having a relaxing family get together! You've never been one to make a fuss or have big parties. In fact, you'd much rather spend your birthday amongst the company of those you love most, taking in all of the little moments that have made your life so sweet.

A Relaxing Family Get Together