How Soon Do You Move On After A Breakup?

Breakups are tough, but some of us are better at moving on than others! How soon do you move on after a breakup? Can we determine just how long it takes you based on these 10 personality quiz questions? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Are you male or female?
I'd prefer not to say

Question 2/10
When you're in a relationship are you more dependent or independent?
I'm more dependent
I'm more independent
It depends

Question 3/10
You tend to rely on your partners for....

Question 4/10
You pride yourself on being very....
Self sufficient

Question 5/10
Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

Question 6/10
If a romantic song comes on the radio, do you ever have feel pangs of nostalgia for your past loves?
All the time

Question 7/10
Are you religious or spiritual?
I'm religious
I'm spiritual
I'm neither

Question 8/10
Your boss would likely describe you as being....
Laser focused
Highly ambitious
Loyal and dependable
Witty and fun

Question 9/10
What is a relationship deal breaker for you?
Vanity or boastfulness
Lack of common interests
Not making time for me

Question 10/10
Who is that one person you can talk to about just anything?
My mom or dad
One of my siblings
My best friend
My aunt or uncle
My religious leader
Based on the results of this quiz, it only takes you around 1 month to move on from a break up! Though you don't take relationships for granted, you realize that not every relationship is meant to be. If someone isn't good for you or your soul, you quickly move on and understand that though the relationship may have been a teaching lesson, it wasn't right for the long haul. You have a great perspective on life and relationships!

1 Month
Based on the results of this quiz, it takes you around 3 months to move on from a relationship! When it comes to love, you hold a great deal of perspective on what relationships can mean and what they can teach you. Not only do you understand that not ever relationship is meant to last forever, but you understand that some people are only meant to come into your life for a short amount of time.

3 Months
Based on the results of this quiz, it takes you around 6 months to move on from a breakup! Though you're a highly sensitive soul, you can quickly rebound from a breakup with a little perspective. You take time to grieve the loss of your relationship, but you don't let that sadness keep you from moving on with your life or pursing new roads to love!

6 Months
Based on the results of this quiz, it takes you around a year to rebound from a relationship! You're a highly sensitive soul who doesn't move on from relationships quickly. Since you tend to go all in on your relationships, the sudden end can leave you feeling at odds with yourself and the life you had built with your partner. Though it may take you a little longer to move on, you carry the lessons you learned from your relationship with you for life!

A Year
Based on the results of this quiz, it takes you around two years to move on from a breakup! You're a highly sensitive and emotional individual who tends to take break ups very hard. You go all in with love, which can leave you feeling a bit raw when the relationship doesn't work out the way you thought it would. Though rejection and love can be scary, you'll find the one you've been waiting for soon!

Two Years