What’s Your Unique Dating Style?

According to love experts, every single person has a unique dating style. An approach to dating that defines what they want, who they are and how they view relationships. Do you know your unique dating style? Get loved up on this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10

In your perfect world, how would you meet somewhere new?
By chance at a coffee shop or book store.
Through a mutual friend.
On a dating app.
Through social media.

Question 2/10

Pick the word that best describes you:

Question 3/10

Which would give you goosebumps on a first date?
Them taking my hand.
Them paying the bill.
Finding out we have lots in common.
Getting invited back to their place.
Getting a nice smooch.

Question 4/10

Would a blind date make you nervous or excited?
Nervous, what do they look like?
A bit nervous, you never know.
Excited, they could be great!
I'd be pretty amped, I love meeting new people!

Question 5/10

Which activity do you think makes you look sexy?
Playing an instrument
Salsa dancing
Paying the bill
Driving a nice car
Everything I do

Question 6/10

Which is an ideal date night spot for you?
A local coffee shop
A concert or show
A bar
A nice restaurant
A living room with lots of wine

Question 7/10

Is it generally easy for you to make new friends?
Yes, very easy.
Somewhat easy.
Not really.

Question 8/10

How do you like to communicate with someone you're dating?
What's App
Over the phone
Only face to face

Question 9/10

When a stranger talks to you in line at the coffee shop, what do you do?
Avoid eye contact
Pretend I'm reading the menu
Smile and nod

Question 10/10

When was the last time you went on a date?
Last night.
A few days ago.
Last week.
A few months ago.
It has been ages.
Your dating style is "the commitment dater." To you, dating is all about finding the right one, settling down, and spending the rest of your life with that special person by your side. When dating, you're looking for someone who will fit into your future and idea of forever. You're not into one-night stands or dates going nowhere. You want the real deal!

The Commitment Dater

When it comes to dating, you're a "serial monogamist." You're someone who is interested in long term monogamous relationships, even if you don't necessarily see them lasting forever. You probably started out looking for the "one," but quickly learned that even some good relationships have an expiration date. Though you're faithful to one person you are cautious with your heart.

The Serial Monogamist

When it comes to dating, your motto might as well be "the more the merrier!" Let's just say, your Tinder account surely gets a work out. You're someone who chooses to date many people at one time. You don't really care about long term commitment because you're just having fun. To you, the future isn't that important, dating is all about staying present and going with what feels right.

The More The Merrier Dater

When it comes to dating, you're all about those hook-ups. To you, dating isn't about having an emotional connection or a companion, it's about that physical fix. Having sex is very important to you, which is why you hook up often and aren't really into the idea of settling down. You use Tinder the way some people use Instagram or Facebook!

The Hook Up Dater

When it comes to dating, you're very standoffish and reserved. You've had your heart broken a time or two in the past and now you're afraid to let your heart be open once more. Though you'd like a serious long term relationship, it's hard for you to let down the walls you've built to protect yourself.

The Standoffish Dater