How Often Do You Lie?

60% of people will lie at least once in a 10 minute conversation. How often do you lie?

Question 1/10
How old are you?
Under 18
18 to 25
25 to 35
35 to 45

Question 2/10
What is your gender?

Question 3/10
You can tell someone is lying because...
They avoid eye contact.
The look to their left.
They look to your left.
They look down.
They look up.

Question 4/10
Which lie seems more acceptable?
I love this food.
I love this movie.
It was on sale.
You look great.
I'm not mad.

Question 5/10
Choose one person you've never lied to.
Boss or Coworker

Question 6/10
Which type of lie are you most comfortable with?
Lies of Omission
White Lies / Kind Lies

Question 7/10
When you find out that someone has lied to you about something important, you feel...

Question 8/10
You walk away from a conversation and realize that you exaggerated the story a bit. What do you do, next?
Go back and correct myself.
Laugh it off and move on.
Decide to break the habit.
Think of ways to tell it better next time.
Justify your version of the story.

Question 9/10
The one thing you should never lie about is...
Your Feelings
Your Actions

Question 10/10
How honest are you when you take a quiz?
As honest as I can be.
Usually honest.
Sometimes lie for different results.
I'll never tell.
You tell as many as three lies within a ten minute conversation. 60% of people will lie at least once in that time frame, but most of them will stretch the truth and tell little white lies an average of three times in ten minutes. You may catch them now and then, but most of them happen without your notice. You are also less likely to notice when others are lying to you.

3 Times In 10 Minutes
You are fairly honest compared to most liars. Though 60% of people lie at least once in ten minutes of conversation, the majority lie three times in the amount of time it takes you to tell one little fib that you probably didn't even notice. Start noticing those white lies, and you'll start noticing when others are telling them to you.

Once In 10 Minutes
You average six lies each day. According to one study, this is the number of lies told by the average man, twice as high as the number of lies told by the average woman. Whether you're flattering someone, hiding something, or improving your image, those little white lies slip out more than you think.

6 Times Per Day
You average three lies per day. According to one study, this is the number of lies told by the average woman, with men lying twice as often. You may be among the 40% of people who can go ten minutes without lying, but the occasional fib slips out. The more honest you are, the better you can detect a liar.

3 Times Per Day
You lie ten times per week. This is a remarkably low number compared to the average person who will lie as much as three times in ten minutes. You are a very honest person, but even the most honest people tell white lies now and then. Fortunately for you, the most honest people are the best at seeing through lies.

10 Times Per Week