How Long Would You Survive In A Stephen King Novel?

Do you know how long you would survive in a Stephen King novel? It's time to find out! Let's see what your aptitude for survival really is!

Question 1/10
If you returned home to an unlocked front door, what would you do?
Turn back and call the cops
Go inside and announce my plans to shower
Whisper hello over and over again
Grab a knife and prepare for battle

Question 2/10
What best describes your personality type?

Question 3/10
You're hiding in a closet, and you hear footsteps nearby. What do you do?
Break out and run
Stay completely quiet
Sob uncontrollably

Question 4/10
The villain is chasing you around your house. Where do you go?
Into the basement

Question 5/10
Would you be willing to kill for your own safety?
I'm not sure

Question 6/10
What do you fear most?
Tight spaces
Demonic entities

Question 7/10
Lying in bed at night, you hear a strange noise coming from downstairs. What do you do?
Go back to sleep
Hide under the covers
Pray nothing happens

Question 8/10
Do you often go out at night by yourself?
All the time

Question 9/10
Your ideal getaway is....
Somewhere tropical
A cabin in the woods
A road trip to the country
My house

Question 10/10
What would you do if you suspected a demonic force in your house?
Call a priest
Hold a seiance
Move faster than you can say poltergeist
If you were in a Stephen King novel, you would survive one day! Unfortunately, you're the one in the novel who dies first! You might not have a big role, but you serve to teach a cautionary tale of what not to do to all those who follow.

One Day
If you were in a Stephen King novel, you would last one week! Your role isn't pivotal but you teach those around you a lot about how not to react in a crisis situation. When things are getting hairy, you have a tendency to panic, run, trip, and meet a sketchy end.

One Week
If you were in a Stephen King novel you would last three months! Congrats to you! You've got the stamina and logic to last three months in horror novel. While you wouldn't make it to the end, your sense of right/wrong and survival skills will lead you halfway through a horror story.

Three Months
If you were in a Stephen King novel you would last one year! With your logic, calm nature, and inherent survival skills, you could easily last one year in a horror novel. You're a pillar of strength in times of duress. This is a skill that comes in handy time and time again!

One Year
If you were in a Stephen King novel, you would make it all the way to the end! You're calm, and always prepared for whatever life throw your way. You never panic or make rash decisions out of fear. You calmly make the best decision based on your gut feelings.