How Friendly Are You Really?

We as human beings need to socialize to survive. However, not all people are as friendly as others. Take this quiz to find out how friendly YOU are!

Question 1/10
Which person are you in your friend group?
The Goody Two Shoes
The Rebel
The Hard Worker
The 'Mom' or 'Dad'
The Socialite
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Question 2/10
Do you enjoy entertaining others at your home?
Yes, I love cooking dinners for all of my friends!
Yes, but only if it's a potluck-style event.
Not really, there's always so much mess to clean up afterwards.
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Question 3/10
On a scale of 1-10, how social and outgoing are you?
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Question 4/10
How many TRUE friends can you say you have?
Less than 5
A few dozen
A lot of them!
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Question 5/10
Have you ever made friends with a complete stranger?
Yes, I do that all the time!
Yes, but only after I saw that he/she had something in common.
No, why would I do that?
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Question 6/10
What's your spirit animal?
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Question 7/10
What's your favorite type of social gathering?
Neighborhood block party
Intimate dinner for two
Family pot luck
Backyard barbecue
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Question 8/10
How often do others irritate YOU?
All the time.
Sometimes, when I'm having a particularly bad day.
I don't get irritated by others at all!
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Question 9/10
What's your favorite season?
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Question 10/10
You always walk through a park full of homeless people. What do you do?
Try your best to ignore them.
Give them a few coins now and then.
Return at the end of the day with canned goods for them.
Bring them blankets and clean clothes.
You've had trouble in the past with people you thought were your friends, which is why you're now hesitant to bee TOO nice to others. However, these incidences have made you a stronger person, and you know who to trust. You are 56% friendly!

56% Friendly
You know who is important to you, and relationships with these people are those that you nurture and take care of. You may not go out of your way to be sugary sweet to strangers, but you are the best friend to your closest confidants. You are 68% friendly!

68% Friendly
You are, in general, a very happy person. You may not go out of your way to make friends with strangers, but you do cherish the lasting, true relationships in your life. You are 79% friendly!

79% Friendly
You love making friends wherever you go. You are the type of person to strike up a great conversation with strangers, and you know how to take care of the relationships that mean most to you in your life. You are 87% friendly!

87% Friendly
You are selfless, welcoming, and kind-hearted. you always go out of your way to show others kindness and make sure they're doing well. Because of this, you've acquired so many friends from all over the world over the years! You are 98% friendly!

98% Friendly
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