How Crazy Can You Really Be?

Surely, you aren't as crazy as everyone thinks... right?

Question 1/10
Your best friend in school was...
Crazier than You
As Crazy As You
Not As Crazy As You

Question 2/10
Which are you more likely to be?
Crazy Cat Person
Crazy Dog Person
Crazy Homeless Person

Question 3/10
Who is crazier?
Tom Cruise
Gary Busey
Charlie Sheen

Question 4/10
Is your nickname longer than your first name?
I don't have a nickname.

Question 5/10
Which daily vitamin would you rather take?

Question 6/10
Where would you rather live?
New Zealand

Question 7/10
How much support do you get from your friends and family?
Not Much
Just Enough
More Than I Need

Question 8/10
How crazy are your parents?
Not at All
Maybe a Little
Maybe a Lot

Question 9/10
How many siblings do you have?
Only Child
One Sibling
Two or More Siblings

Question 10/10
What should people do if you are upset with them?
Give you some space.
Talk to you about it.
You are 10% Crazy. This means that you are mostly sane, but you can certainly empathize with the crazier kids, and you do have your moments of insanity.

10% Crazy
You are 32% Crazy. You are generally a sane and reasonable person, but you can go crazy with the best of them. You are not afraid to show your crazy side.

32% Crazy
You are 54% Crazy. You spend more than half of your time in the clouds with your crazy ideas and perspective. People typically don't know what to expect from you.

54% Crazy
You are 76% Crazy. You can hardly contain all of the insanity that lives inside of you. You are an energetic and creative person who knows how to have a great time.

76% Crazy
You are 98% Crazy. You are so crazy that it's a little dangerous. You are bold, outgoing, and not afraid to be who you truly are, no matter what anyone else thinks.

98% Crazy