Can We Guess What Little Thing Drives You Crazy?

It may be a small nit-picky issue that you're too embarrassed to admit, but we bet we can guess what little thing drives you crazy!

Question 1/10
What's your favorite outdoor activity?
Doing yoga
Having picnics

Question 2/10
Pick a color!
Bright orange
Lime green
Baby blue

Question 3/10
What type of person are you?
Morning person
Night person
A bit of both!

Question 4/10
Of the following, what's your favorite fruit?

Question 5/10
Which word describes you best?

Question 6/10
What time do you wake up on weekdays?
Before 6:00am
Between 6:00am and 9:00am
After 9:00am

Question 7/10
When you're mad or stressed, what calms you down?
Cleaning and organizing
Talking to others
Burying yourself in busy work
Cooking and baking

Question 8/10
Choose your ideal pet.

Question 9/10
What do you never leave home without?
A wristwatch
A book
A purse or briefcase

Question 10/10
If time and money weren't an issue, what would your ideal job be?
Party planner
Preschool teacher
Your life motto is: 'A place for everything, and everything in its place.' You like your life ordered and logical, and you are sometimes described as a 'neat freak.' That's okay with you though, because at least you know where to find things! You're the type of person to risk being late for work or class to make your bed because an un-made bed just doesn't sit well with you.

An un-made bed
You are a very respectful person. You were taught great manners by your parents, and you believe that everyone should be polite and well-mannered as well. When messy eaters leave crumbs everywhere, that drives you crazy!

Crumbs from messy eaters
You're always busy and on-the-go. You have big goals, and you're driven and determined to accomplish them. That doesn't give you much time to wait on people who take forever to pay in checkout lines at supermarkets and stores! You definitely get irritated when that happens.

People who take forever to pay
You are an adventurous spirit. You love going new places, meeting new people...and trying new foods. You have a big appetite for all things that taste good, and it upsets you to no end when you can't enjoy food the way it's supposed to be enjoyed. Be sure to eat that yummy dish as soon as it comes out because you won't like it when it's cold!

Food getting cold