How Cosmopolitan Are You?

How much class, etiquette, and charisma do you possess? It's time to find out just how cosmopolitan you really are! Take these 10 questions and reveal the results!

Question 1/10
How do you typically sit?
With my legs crossed
With my ankles crossed
With my legs wide
I like to sit indian style on the floor

Question 2/10
How often do you curse?
I never curse
I curse when something bad happens
I only curse when I'm angry
I'm practically part sailor

Question 3/10
Do you write thank you notes for gifts?
Always it's the right thing to do
Only for special occasion gifts
I never write thank you notes

Question 4/10
What should you bring to a potluck?
Dessert or wine
Flowers or a gift for the host/hostess
Your appetite

Question 5/10
Do you currently smoke?
Smoking is a dirty habit
I smoke occasionally
I smoke like a chimney

Question 6/10
What do you typically do with your spare time?
I work on my hobbies/projects
I browse Pinterest
I chit chat with friends on the phone

Question 7/10
What do you drink as an afternoon pick me up?
A latte

Question 8/10
Do you carry a purse?
I carry a clutch
I carry a purse
I rock a backpack

Question 9/10
How often do you gossip about others?
All of the time
Only at work

Question 10/10
Do you remember people's birthday's and special occasions?
You are 100% cosmopolitan! You're the picture of class and etiquette. You know just the right things to do in every situation. No one has ever seen your feathers ruffled, you handle whatever comes your way with supreme confidence and charm.

100% Cosmopolitan
You are 75% cosmopolitan! Even if you have your off days, you still possess a strong cosmopolitan attitude. You're refined, artistic, and totally classy. With an eye for style and superior design skills, it's no wonder other's can't help but have you over for dinner parties!

75% Cosmopolitan
You are 50% cosmopolitan! While you might not be cosmopolitan all of the time, you can put on the ritz when it matters. With an amazing amount of charisma and charm, you can make the best out of any and every situation.

50% Cosmopolitan
You are 30% cosmopolitan! Sure, being a charming class act is important sometimes, but having fun is important all of the time! In your opinion, it's more exciting to be yourself and have a good time than putting on airs for those around you.

30% Cosmopolitan
You are 20% cosmopolitan! Do you know what other's like most about you? They like that you don't care what anyone thinks. You live your life according to your won set of rules. You don't let anyone else dictate who you should be and how you should act. We admire this quality about you.

20% Cosmopolitan