Do You Go With The Flow Or Against It?

Do you usually go with the crowd?

Question 1/10
Are you usually surrounded by drama?
All the time
Sometimes I am
Not at all
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Question 2/10
Would you consider sensitive?
Yes I would
It depends
No I wouldn't
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Question 3/10
Are you usually the one making the plans or do your friends?
I make the plans
They make them
It's about half and half
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Question 4/10
How do you usually react when something doesn't go your way?
I'm calm
I throw a temper tantrum
I get a bit frustrated
I'm not too sure
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Question 5/10
What do you usually do when making a decision in a relationship?
I talk to my partner about it
I just make the decision
It depends
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Question 6/10
Do you usually take the role of a leader or follower?
It depends
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Question 7/10
How patient are you?
I'm not patient at all
I'm very patient
It depends on my mood
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Question 8/10
Which word best describes you?
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Question 9/10
Do you have a quick temper?
Very quick
It's not too bad
Not at all
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Question 10/10
Are you confrontational at all?
Yes I am
Not at all
It depends
You happen to be a pretty relaxed person who tries to please everyone around you. You don't like causing trouble and you'd rather just go with what others what.

You Go With The Flow
You don't like conforming to what the majority of the population says. You have no issues with causing trouble and you're not afraid to start confrontation if it's needed.

You Go Against It
It depends on your mood whether you feel like going with the flow or not. Someday story happen to be easygoing and other days you're more rebellious.

It Depends On Your Mood
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