Could You Live With Your BFF?

Question 1/10
How long have you known your best friend?
10 or more years
2-5 years
About a year
A couple of months

Question 2/10
Where did you meet your best friend?
At school
At work
At a party
We lived close by

Question 3/10
How long did it take you guys to become friends?
A few hours, we hit it off right away!
A few months.
A few years.

Question 4/10
Are you and your best friend alike or opposite?
We're almost the same person!
We're alike in some ways.
We're total opposites.

Question 5/10
Has your best friend met your family?
My best friend IS my family.
Yes, many times. They love them!
They've met them once or twice.
They've never met.

Question 6/10
What would you say is your worst trait?
I'm very stubborn.
I'm impatient.
I'm unpredictable.

Question 7/10
What do you believe is your friend's worst trait?
They're always late.
They're a neat freak.
They're stuck in their ways.

Question 8/10
What do you guys like doing together?
Just hanging out

Question 9/10
How often are you guys on the same page?

Question 10/10
What's the best thing about your best friend?
They're selfless.
They teach me new things.
They're always there for me.
You could most definitely live with your best friend! It takes a lot to make day to day living work with a best friend, but you and your bestie are so close that nothing could come between your friendship. Not only are you two peas in a pod who agree on pretty much everything, but you respect one another's space and personal wishes. Because you're both so concerned about the others feelings, you could make a roommate situation work for as long as you want!

You Could Live With Your BFF!
You could live with your BFF for a few years! At first, living with your best friend would be an amazing experience. After all, you can hang out on demand and do whatever you want on your terms. Unfortunately, your closeness could cause a rift. You'll become too comfortable and let your messy side get the best of you.

You Could Live With Your Bff For A While!
Don't move in with your BFF just yet! While you and your best friend love one another dearly, you're polar opposites who wouldn't do well in a living situation. You guys would butt heads on everything from what to order to dinner to how often to clean the bathroom. Keep your distance and you'll maintain a lifelong friendship!

You Could Not Live With Your Bff!
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You and your BFF might be two peas in pod, but could you actually get along while living together? Sometimes best friends do not make good roommates. Think you could live with your BFF? Take this quiz and find out!