Can We Guess Your Political Party Based On Your Taste In TV?

Can we accurately guess which political party you belong to based only on your taste in TV shows? It's time to find out how revealing your preferences really are! Ready for the results? To the quiz!

Question 1/10
Which sitcom are you most likely to watch?
Last Man Standing
The Middle
Modern Family
Fresh Off the Boat
The Big Bang Theory

Question 2/10
Which drama always has you feeling emotional?
Grey's Anatomy
Law and Order
This Is Us

Question 3/10
Which TV president is your favorite?
Fitz Grant
Salina Meyer
Jed Bartlet
David Palmer

Question 4/10
Where do you get the majority of your broadcast news?
Fox News
Local news channel

Question 5/10
Which network do you watch most?
The CW

Question 6/10
Which Netflix original series are you most likely to watch?
Stranger Things
House of Cards
Orange is the New Black
Master of None
Grace and Frankie

Question 7/10
Which show instills the best family values?
The Brady Bunch
Happy Days
Full House
Home Imprpvement

Question 8/10
Which game show are you most likely to watch?
Family Feud
Wheel of Fortune
The Price is Right

Question 9/10
Choose a reality show:
American Idol
The Voice
The Bachelor
Great British Baking Show

Question 10/10
If you're channel surfing on a Saturday afternoon, what are you most likely to watch?
Home and garden
Based on your taste in TV, you're a total democrat! You love a good thought provoking drama, a well done comedy, and pretty much anything that revolves around Washington. You've got broad tastes and a full range of interests! You tend to browse Netflix more than cable and you always get your news from CNN. You love diversity and anything that's outside of the box!

You're A Democrat!
Based on your TV tastes, you're a total republican! You tend to stick to TV shows that boast values similar to you own. You live sitcoms like Reba and Last Man Standing! Dramas such as Law and Order and CSI Miami almost always pique your interest as well. You always get your news from Fox or the internet, and tend to distrust those who seem to have their own agenda!

You're A Republican!
Based on the results of this quiz, you're a total independent! When it comes to TV your tastes are wild and varied. You'll watch everything from a sitcom like The Middle to reality shows like The Real Housewives. You don't let your political interests interfere with your everyday life or your television tastes!

You're An Independent!