Can We Guess Which Piercing You Wanted As A Teen?

Ah, teen rebellion. When you were younger, you probably wanted nothing more than to pierce your body or get some ink. Unfortunately, not every parent was along for the ride. Can we guess which piercing you desperately wanted as a teen? Let's go back in time to find out!

Question 1/10
Did your parents allow you to get any piercings before you left the nest?
Yes, of course. They were pretty open minded!
Nope, not a chance.
They said no, but I got one anyway!

Question 2/10
Describe your high school self in just one word:

Question 3/10
You always saw your parents as being very ________ while growing up.
Laid back

Question 4/10
Teachers often said that you were destined for...

Question 5/10
Where did you fall in the birth order of your siblings?
I was an only child.
I was the youngest.
I was the oldest.
I was right in the middle.

Question 6/10
How would you describe your personal style these days?

Question 7/10
What were you always wearing around as a teen?
My denim jacket
My beat up sneakers
Graphic tees
Polo shirts
Ripped jeans

Question 8/10
Where did you spend most of your time on a Friday night?
Out with friends
At sporting events
At home in my room
At a friend's house
At the movies

Question 9/10
Did you have a car when you turned 16?
Yes, my parents bought me a new car.
I bought myself a used car.
My parents bought me a used car.
My parents gave me their old car.
I didn't have a car.

Question 10/10
Would you deem yourself a risk taker?
We think you secretly wanted a nose piercing as a teen! Younger you, was all about breaking the rules and going against the grain. You saw yourself as a total rebel just trying to break free. Though your parents may have tried to reign you in, you were too headstrong to heed their advice!

A Nose Piercing
We think you secretly wanted a lip piercing as a teen! Younger you, was quite honestly a bit of a nerd. You loved comic books, superheroes, and just going against the grain. You had a tight knit group of friends and weren't afraid to just be your most authentic self. Though you weren't particularly rebellious, you still wanted a lip piercing!

A Lip Piercing
We think you secretly wanted a belly button piercing as a teen! Younger you was wildly popular. You were the person everyone wanted to date and be friends with. Your social calendar was always booked solid and going on dates was as common as eating breakfast. As a flirty and confident person, all you really wanted was a belly button piercing!

A Belly Button Piercing
We think you secretly wanted a cartilage piercing! Energetic, hyper, and always optimistic. Younger you was a glass half full kind of person. Not only did you truly embrace life, but you were always looking for reasons to have a good time. Energetic you didn't need something rebellious to prove a point, which is why you wanted a simple cartilage piercing!

A Cartilage Piercing
We think you wanted an eyebrow piercing as a teen! Younger you was highly emotional and always deep in thought. You probably even kept a journal or diary filled with your most secret thoughts. A bit quiet and not one to crave attention, you didn't want a piercing to make a statement. You simply wanted to express your inner most self!

An Eyebrow Piercing